Merry Christmas from the Farm…

It’s Christmas morning at the farm and all the dogs are gathered around the Christmas tree to reflect on 2014 and to bring in the New Year.
Upon hearing the news about having pups, “What are we going to do” Annie says.  “I love to play with our puppies and let them chase me and to think there won't be anymore.”  Dutchess and Molly who are half-sisters sat down together.  Dutchess looked at Molly and got a little teary eyed as she licked Molly’s ears and face and said.  “I will miss not seeing the little pups, it reminded me of the times “we” had pups and we were still young,” as she looked at Molly and hung her head.  Clancy ever so strong also bowed his head and looked remorseful.  “I know I never acted like it, but I am proud of my pups and the things they do.  I tried to be tough to show them what a strong dog is supposed to do, to teach them their trade.”  Meggie, the silent one spoke up.  

We've all had our hand in having little ones around here.   Dutchess, you and Molly have shown us both sides of our personality, Molly you are lover, Dutchess you are active and skillful.  You both were the “yin and yang” of the farm.  Annie, you are the kid and “play partner” to everyone and Gabby you are the roust-a-bout, always watching and Doc, you are everything Clancy is not, you're the lover and jumper-upper and will run 200 feet just to jump in someone’s arms just to get a hug and you always do.  Abby and Shepp, you are “our” kids, Abby by birth and Shepp by love, you are products of all of us in this room.”  Everyone understood I think, but there was a lot of head tilting as if to catch the reason from the air.  One dog, not to be mentioned by name said, “It’s not that I don't want to help with other dogs, I don't want to share, I like it the way it is, just us.”  I looked around the room and said, “Where would we all be now if we didn't share” pointing to Dutchess, Doc, Gabby, Abby, Shepp and Dahlia, “remember we took you in when you needed a home.”  To get love, sometimes you need to give love and you're in the best home ever.”  Heads bent and eyes watered but I think they understood we all need a second chance.
I spoke up again and said, “It’s not the end of the world, we see other dogs all the time when they come to visit, we play with all of them and even though it’s not the same as “our” little pups, we’re all from the same cut of cloth.   We are all related, some of us are black and white, some red and some are all kinds of colors,” as I looked at Annie and Gabby, “besides, we will still see dogs that need our help.  Just like you help our pups learn to walk, play, swim and the valuable lessons of life, you can still teach dogs that were not born here, and help them just like you did with your pups.  Remember Nya and Boone,” I said.  “Yeah we do, they were so much fun and we hated to see them go,” me too I said “but you helped them in more ways than you'll ever know and they weren't our pups, but because of you, they will have better homes.”
Then all of the dogs piped up and started telling each other what they will do and it was fun to listen to them tell their stories and how they would show them about life, Dutchess even said “I will teach them how to speak to play Frisbee.”  

Clancy said “I will teach them how to be strong when needed but gentle which is also desired.”  Doc said “I will teach them how to jump up on humans,” but I said “that might not be a good idea, even though you do it with such flair.”  Everyone had a lesson to teach and Annie even offered to teach them how to roll in poop.  

They were excited to support other dogs that needed help and especially the ones that need a second chance… because most of us do. 
You see, as the Christmas Season is upon us, it’s really about second chances, something we all need.  It is a gift that we don’t deserve but was given because of love many years ago, it’s only fitting that we give others a second chance too, whether it’s for people or pets.
“Some stories are told with Claymation, puppets, and cheesy musical numbers but don’t miss their deep and abiding meaning! These stories have lasted for decades, if not centuries, because their message connects with us on a deeply human level by inviting simple truths into our souls, truths like “beauty comes from brokenness,” “joy isn't about what we own, but who we are,” and “even the worst of us deserve a second chance.”
Christmas is a gift from God.

It is a gentle reminder of the plot to this whole story called Life: that we once were lost and are now found, once broken and now restored. The Gospel of the Second Chance brought by the helpless baby-king born in a barn is a gift for all of us”…  Mike Foster

Whilst we are a person or a dog, we need second chances… Ken

Merry Christmas from the Farm…Ken, Elaine and the dogs…

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