Wow, What a week...

This week has had everything happen, I will explain my next post as I really don't have time to get into much details.
This is a tractor that I am restoring and painted this week.  It is a 1949 Ford 8N.  We are on the way back to putting it back to together, if I remember where everything went.  It has been a long project.  More on this later....
This is the first coat of primer..
Lots of work to do yet..
This is Dutchess with her New Pups, 4 girls and 2 boys.  They are about 2 hours old and she is catching a nap..  Update next post


2010 Hendricks County 4-H Dog Program

On Saturday the 19th, we had the pleasure to attend the Hendricks County Fair.  We went as guest of a loving family that adopted a dog that was returned to us last February.  "Gem" came back to us at about 6 months old.  She was a very sweet dog and as it happened to work out, I had just been contacted by the family that was looking for a bigger dog to work with their children in 4-H projects.  They were experienced in training and had worked with dogs before.  We were excited to attend the Fair and see one of our pups compete in the Obedience competition.  They also competed in Showmanship and the Drill team.
Now for the really good news, in the Showmanship class, Makayla and Gem placed 4th. There were at least 20 other dogs and handlers. It was HUGE! They looked great... Gem sure showed off and had her tail up and enjoyed the jog around the ring. 

We are sure proud of Makayla and Gem!

The Great thing is this was their first time to compete together and they both seemed to work good together.  Remember Gem is not even one year old.

Makayla is a very Beautiful young Lady and I know her Mom and Dad are very proud of her, I know Elaine and I are..... and we look forward to seeing much more of you both.  Great Job 



We have a visitor this weekend.  "Dutch" from a litter about two years ago from Dutchess and Clancy came to stay for the weekend.  We board only our pups, because we enjoy seeing them again and to catch-up with them. 

Dutch Loves the water as do most Border Collies and one of the first thing he does is to run to the lake and jump in...  When he gets here he runs to us and gives us hugs and kisses.

Dutch was the runt of the litter and had a tough time getting started.  He went to a very loving family that has lots of time for him, and it shows.  Like Max, this year, got a haircut and they both strut their stuff.  We love to have Dutch and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow up.  We are lucky enough to see him a couple of times throughout the year. 

 He has matured into a very obedient and wonderful house pet.  He knows his commands and will mind very well.  One thing that is surprising is his deep bark.  His is deeper than anyone else on the farm.  We will miss him when he leaves.......

Catching Up

Shepp Learned to get into the water.  He appeared to be scared of it and then one day, he was swimming across the Lake all by himself with no one around.  I guess he didn't want anyone to see him.
Abbie will carry a Tennis Ball in her mouth when we play "Ball"  she will run after one when it is thrown, but won't try to get it.  When she does run back, she is so proud of herself like "Look, I got the ball"  We always have to have at least Two Balls when we play.

This is Dutchess Jumping off the Diving Board to get the Frisbee, I think she will go anywhere to get it and bring it back for more.  She has been a little stinker this week because of her pregnancy.  She is a little moody and will want to dominate some of the other dogs.  She does find herself in "Time Out" once in a while.

Agility II

To tell the truth, I was a little worried going into the second class.  I was a little frustrated with our progress (mostly mine) during the week.  There were a few things that she would not do at all at home and I knew I would be laughed out of class.   My son who was in from Louisville came with my wife to watch me with Meg, so I knew the pressure was on.  I talked to Ruth (the instructor) about the problems and she gave us some pointers and off we went.  In just a few moments, we flew to the top of the class, almost  It is amazing what a little discipline and a small treat will do.  We even ran a small course.  It went very well.

If you want to see your dog excel and do things other than play, I would strongly recommend that you find something that you both of you can do.  It is SO rewarding for both of you and you will see your pet in a whole different world.  Many of our pups that live elsewhere are in Agility, Flyball, Herding and one competes with the Indy Dog and Disk Club .  Just yesterday, We were invited to see another one of our pups that is being shown at a fair in July and then at the State Fair in August. She will be shown in obedience at both fairs and then in Showmanship and in Drill Team at the State Fair.  This dog has only been at this home for less than 6 months.   I can't wait.  I am so proud of our pups and owners and we love to see the success stories that come back home.

Update on Max and Clancy.  Everything is back to normal.  They are best friends and porch buddies and all in the world is good.   Whew
Until Next Time....  Ken