Relief At Last

As mentioned in the last post, there was much anticipation on Meg's litter.  The days seemed to grow even longer as the week progressed.  On Tuesday night she started to get restless.  She would go from room to room and couch to couch looking for a place to nest.  She came to me wanting something, anything.  I let her out and watched her go under the porch.  I thought "No your not having the pups under the porch" and called her back in.  We went back to my favorite place "the recliner".  She ever so slowly climbed in my lap and flopped down. 

When she was making her nest, I would rub her head and stroke her face.  Meg was laying across my legs and I could feel the little pups moving.  I rubbed her side and could feel the ones on that side too.  I placed both hands on her belly and the little ones were moving like they were running a race.  It was so cool to feel them move, bob around and push their head up.  Meg seemed to be content for a while.

I took her temperature late that night and it was 99 degrees (normal is 101).  This means that birth is eminent in 24 hours.  Well 48 hours later, nothing.  I am getting a little concerned.  I kept her close and watched her every move. 

On Thursday I had to do a few things at church but cut my time there short and came home, little did I know 30 minutes later we would have pups.  Meg was beside herself, she had torn up her nesting box as if trying to rearrange it.  So off to the house we went.  She would still go from room to room and pace around.  She went in the walk-in closet and moved shoes and things on the floor and made a nest.  I knew this could "be it".  Just when I thought this was "it", she jumped up and went downstairs and jumped on the couch.  I made her a thick pallet, and rubbed her head to try to keep her quite.  She had turned around but still seemed to be content.  I was just sitting there and I felt my pants get warm, her water had broke.  I had plenty of Elaine's good towels so "no problem".  I knew time was short, but it was very short.  In just a moment, there was a pup next to my leg wiggling around.  Now Elaine usually takes cares of this but she was at work, so I was in charge.  I had called her earlier and she asked if I could handle this and I said "sure".  Well I'm not so sure now.  Here was the little pup still in the birth sack and it appeared to want out, well duh.  Meg looked at me as if to say well are you going to do what your supposed to do?  Elaine always does.  So I picked up the little pup and tore open the birth sack and it's first breath was taken in my hands.  Just then I thought of that very pup, living with a family that loved it, cared for it and all the running and scampering it would do.

Time to go back to the nesting box.  I did get it rearranged, so it was ready.  The rest was a piece of cake.  She had the other 4 pups in about 3 hours for a total of 5.  As for the question of the day, Clancy did climb the fence.

As disappointed as I was, I am grateful that Meg and the pups were fine and everyone is healthy.  It was a trying episode, but one that everyone in their life should experience.  In the end, it all worked out.  I will tell you, next time we decide to breed Meg, Clancy will get a vacation far from the farm.  I'm now off to wash Elaine's good towels and bedspread before she gets home.

Abbie is relieved to be back in the house as the "official" house dog.  She had to stay in the kennel and sleep in the common area with the "outside dogs", she was quite put out, but she is happy now.  Last night, she, Molly and Clancy were in for the night.  When I woke this morning, Abbie as she does so sweetly, after I started to wake, put her head on my neck ever so lightly and rested with me to the dawn of the day.  After I said "good girl" she knew that was her signal to attack me with licks and kisses.  What a world we live in.

So Much Anticipation

I guess it all started when we brought Meg home.  Everyone said that they loved her color and her ears.  When people would come over to see the dogs or to pick up their pup from another one of my girls, I would hear "remember to call or email when Meg has pups, we would like to have one". 

This is Meg's second litter.  Her first, Clancy was the father because Shepp was too young and the pups were Black & White.  Well Shepp has grow quite a bit and he has matured somewhat, but he is still "unproven".  But the fact still remains, there is a lot of interest and so much anticipation with this litter.  I will tell you, It has made me an old man.  She stays in the house most of the time and I will check on her often, rubbing her belly and saying, "I know girl" which I really don't, but she likes to hear it.  Meg is a sweetheart.  Every day when she is outside, I look for her just to make sure she is OK and not having the litter somewhere.  Dutchess did that once, she went in the garage and had the first three in the cat bed.  We scooped them up and went to the whelping box and everything was fine. 

This has made me ponder some thoughts on anticipation.  There is no doubt, I have a type "A" personality.

What Some Experts Say
Since researchers started studying Type A personality over 50 years ago, it’s become a household term. Most people now know that Type A personality characteristics have something to do with being competitive and work-obsessed, and can bring an increased risk of health problems, but it’s not always understood exactly what traits constitute “Type A Behavior”, or exactly how these traits impact health and wellbeing.

While the term “Type A” is thrown around often, it’s not always fully known what specific characteristics make up “Type A” personality, even among experts. For example, some people, the term applies to rude and impatient people. Others see workaholics as “Type A”. Many see competitiveness as the main characteristic.

Actually, when I Googled it, it kinda scared me because it fit.

It's hard for me to be patient.  When I do things, I want them done now.  Many people will wait for months for a pup, I don't think I could do that, I want things NOW!  Even though I am retired, I get up at the crack of dawn and start moving.  I would love to sleep in.  The only place I can find total relaxition is on a Cruise.  I will take a nap and relax.  It's probably because I am trapped and can't do anything else,  I do relax there and it's enjoyable.  I could never play golf.  I would be thinking what to do when I got home.  It's actually a curse.

Meg's due date is this Tuesday, so just a few more days and we'll know if Clancy climbed over the fence...He likes his girls......

Maddie Update

I do get emails wanting to know how Maddie Grace is doing.  My son and his wife, Angie, came up today and they spent some time with us.  Maddie is 5 months old today and she has learned to make razzberries.  She really lit up when she saw her Pap-Paw.

This blanket that "Maddie Bear" is laying on, was made by my Mother who made it for my son, who is Maddie's father, she was a quilter. 

I'll let you know if Clancy climbed the fence....

Poor Poor Meg

Meggie,  our little Angel is so sweet and such a pleasure to be around.  She would not hurt a fly and wants to be near you, and will get right under your feet.  We are giving her some special attention because she is "with pups" and she seems to want to stay near us.  Two nights ago, we had planned to let her stay in and eat popcorn and watch TV with us along with Molly, it was her turn.  We let her out for one last bathroon break and after just a few minutes of running and playing with her BFF Abbie, it was time to come in.   She was just in the door, when I looked at Elaine and Elaine looked at me and we both said "did you do that"  No and then No, was our answer.  Then we looked at Meg.  And she said yes....  Somebody had rolled in POO.  To the city folks reading this, If you have never had a dog roll in poo, you've missed out.  It's something dogs will do sometime,  and who knows why. 

From the Experts.
Owners dislike it when their dog rolls in something smelly. Although dogs may sometimes roll in the grass because it feels good, rolling on the carcass of a dead animal, feces or something else smelly has instinctive roots, perhaps going back to wolves. There are several theories on why a dog will roll in something smelly. Although there is a temptation to scold your dog, it is best to realize it is natural behavior and make sure your pet doesn't have the opportunity to roll in smelly stuff.

Meg was so proud of herself and she walked around the house, just prancing around and strutting her stuff.  Well needless, she went out the door to her bed and in came Abbie to take her place.  Sorry Meg.  Elaine tried to wipe it off the next day with a wet rag.  We had somebody coming over to see her about a pup and she didn't want them to smell it.  When Elaine and Meg came into the room, I instantly knew what she tried to do.  In a very nice way I explained to Elaine, "You don't want to wipe that, it only makes it worse if you get it wet"  and it did.  Well Meg's off to her room again and a bath.  Poor Meg, she just wanted to smell good for us. 

This is Meg, if you notice she is smiling because she is happy.  Clancy and Shepp are keeping their distance.

A Loyal Dog

Elaine and I are users of Netflix. We are on the two movies at a time plan and do see some great movies with no hassles. On this week's agenda, we watched "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" When the dogs master, dies, a loyal pooch named Hachiko keeps a regular vigil -- for more than a decade.  It's a wonderful movie and I would recommend it to everyone. I will tell you to keep a box of Kleenex handy, you'll need it. What I like about the movie is, it is based on a real story. (for the people who want to look up the real story here are the facts)

In 1924, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo took in Hachikō as a pet. During his owner's life Hachikō greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return.

The point of this, is there were a few events that occurred this week. One being, I went to town this week and as I was going to the car, Clancy followed me and stood by the door. I opened it and he jumped in and made a circle and sat on the seat and off we went. Later that night, We were sitting in our recliners and Elaine asked me about it, saying "Why do you think Clancy wanted to go with you"  I really didn't know but the obvious answer came to me, and I said "Because he wanted to be with me" That statement made me think and it was nice thoughts about the relationship people can have with dogs. After we got back from town, I got a call from a lady who was put in touch with us about a dog she had. It was a Border Collie that was nine months old. It was given to her a month ago and because of the circumstances at her house, the dog was on a rope in the back yard. The reason she wanted to get rid of the dog was because it jumped on everyone, and they didn't have time or energy to train the dog. Long story made short, We got the dog in a new home and even have a backup plan. I did tell her that the jumping is easily fixed and the dog is starving for affection and the dog wants to give everyone love.

Each dog has an abundance of love for everyone, you just have to accept it. You can scold them, yell at them and some people will whip them, and all you have to do is to clap your hands and smile, and as fast as they can run, they will be in your arms showering you with dog kisses. I wish I had that kind of forgiveness.

I look back and reflect on our dogs. I have never thought about it before, but the reason I love them so much is that they love me with unconditional love. You will only get out of something what you put in, whether it's dogs, relationships, love or God, it's there, you just have to accept it. Some people are very unhappy with things, but they don't do much about it. Life is really about what we do and not what someone does for us.

I look at my dogs and I am now more aware of the things they do. Every time I write at my computer they are around my feet,  or licking my hand.  Even while writing this story, Molly was licking my right hand and putting her nose under my hand wanting to be petted. I would type with one hand and pet her with the other. Every time I walk around the farm or house, they are near me, sitting when I stop. Every time I sit in my recliner, they want to be in my lap, and they are.  They just want to be with us.

Each of our dogs will show their love different, whether it is kisses, licks, protection or snuggling. I remember when we first got Abbie, I was laying down and she jumped on the bed and got next to my body as close as she could. She then pushed with her back feet inching up trying to get even closer and then gave a big sigh as if she was saying, "I'm safe and content, thank you for making me happy".

It breaks my heart to hear stories about the dog that was on the rope because she wanted to jump and I know this is so mild compared to the abuse they sometime receive. When I look into the faces of mine and they look back with those eyes so intense and hanging on every work I say, they cock their head to one side as if saying "I understand".
A wonderful quote from "Marley & Me" is so true. This quote came when Marley was at the end of his life and was being put to sleep and it was said by his master.

A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?

I did a Google search on "Most Loyal Dog Breed".  There were many answers, some with a lot of thought in them.  "Entirely Pets" said that the Number 1 Loyal dog is the Border Collie or "The Rough Collie, it also stated it is a herding breed that originated in Scotland. These friendly dogs are intelligent, active, and good with children and other animals. Rough collies are loyal and protective of their owners, making them an excellent family dog", but we knew this.   Another good answer, and one that I like best was to the question of the most loyal dog, it was "All of Them"

In my heart, if a dog could talk, I believe the first thing they would say, would be "I Love You" and then "wanna play?"  Give your dog a hug today...Ken