The Cockleburr Kids

The Creatures
Today has been very entertaining for me and the new pups, we learned about plants.  I'm sure you read about the Houdini Kids well, they have been found.  They met the Cockleburrs.  I went to pick up a pup to play with it, and to my surprise, they were all very thorny, not to be confused with a word that rhymes, they were thorny.  I spent nearly a quarter of an hour picking and pulling these creatures from her fur and thought "Wow" I wouldn't want to do this again.  No words were ever eaten so well.  After examined all of the pups, they all had the little creatures all over them.  Some under their arms, some under their neck, their ears and even close to where the sun doesn't shine.  I thought they were coming from inside, there were so many.  I would take them off and put them in a pile behind me and go to the next pup.  The last pup seemed to have them everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Where could she have gotten so many?  When I started to remove them and put them in a pile, I noticed the pile was gone.  She had rolled in the pile........


Houdini's Magic Puppys

Meg's Pups are "Little Critters".  They are all little Houdini's and I have never seen a litter that loves to explore new areas.  I have tried to keep them confined in an area that is all theirs.  I know it's big enough, it's a 50 foot by 50 foot grassy run with a dog house, tree, inside shade with a fan and even their own ball that's bigger than they are, and it really is.  They have rope toys and tennis balls and even bones to chew on, but as soon as I put them up, I walk back in the kennel and they meet me running all over the place.  They will visit the adult dogs, visit the cats and even try to get into the food.  I will find them outside, trying to get back inside, so what's the deal...Yesterday I spent the better part of a 90 degree day remodeling the kennel area.  I made some of it bigger and some of it more secure.  I was so proud of myself and thought "well that will keep you litle guys in place" and to my surprise, not 10 seconds later, here they were at my feet wanting to play.  I would put them back in and then I would run and hide, just to see where they were getting out and they would come from another direction.  I know the new owners will make alot of money with their Magic Dog, I just hope they don't lead a life of crime and get put in the "Big" dog house.  Oh Well.......

It's Done

The tractor project is over, it was nice but exhausting at times, but I think I would do it again.  It seemed that each time I went ahead, their was something else that popped up and had to be fixed, but it's over. 

Everything else is running smooth and the pups are doing great.  Dutchess's litter is getting ready to go to their forever home this weekend and they will be soooo missed.  They are cute as can be and are so active.  They are a good group and have matured very early.

Shepp is continuing his training and is doing surprisingly well.  He is actually is doing some tricks.  I knew he had it in him.  Elaine is doing a great job with him.


I can See the Light

This Project Started with Just a Brake Job


Meg's Pups

Today was a good day for the pups. It was their first day they got to go out in the yard. They ran and played and then dropped to sleep. They still will sleep a lot, but this will change more and more every day.

Just a day, sometimes will make a big difference in things they feel comfortable with. Once they start going in the yard, it seems like they can't get enough play time.


Life is Good

Well the week has calmed down a little and it's a little cooler today (about 72).  We got out and worked in the yard this morning and finished in about 2 hours without breaking a sweat, it was so nice.  The pups are coming around nice and will run and bark and growl at each other.  We will miss them so, but we know they have greats homes to go to.

This doesn't look like me !!!

This doesn't taste like Mom, but she has the equipment, so lets go

Do you mind? You have teats that you can go to...

Will you play with me??

Brave New World

Agility is over with Meg, she is a changed dog, her whole demeanor is different.  She is so attentive and lovable.  I would again, highly recommend doing an activity with your dog.  It is wonderful and you both will benefit.