Keely was born last year.  She came to stay with us for a couple of weeks in July.  She was the largest of her litter and appeared to be very keen from birth.  She was dropped off while her owner went on vacation, and as her pick up time neared, I got an email explaining there was a family emergency and her owner had to go out of town for an extended stay.  I was happy to keep her but there were other dogs coming and I didn't know how they would all get along.  I try very hard to give all my attention to the dog that visits to keep them busy and protected.  My biggest fear is while I am busy or doing something, they would wander off in the woods, never to return.  I can't imagine making that phone call.  Some of the dogs have scared me at times when I couldn't find them, only to walk in the kennel and they were fast asleep where they were born and started their little life.  I guess this will always be their home in one way or the other. 
As the other dogs came to board, Keely was a trooper, keeping them in line and always busy.  She helped with the chores very nicely.  Keely became one of ours in the time she was here which was a total of a month and a half.  She is a great dog that had lots of skills and personality.  She followed me around and loved to give and receive hugs and kisses.  I have an area that I can have some alone time with just one dog, and a couple of times, Keely, while I was with Annie, jumped the fence and came and sat on the picnic table, just to be with me.  I cherish those times and would never want to loose them.  Keely is a city dog and doesn't get much off leach time and it was so enjoyable to watch her run, swim and jump and chase everything.  I watch her for 15 minutes chase a butterfly through the meadow, covering a very large area, going up and down the hills.  I thought to myself, it dosen't get any better than this, not only for me, but for Keely.  At that moment, everything was perfect, as it should be.  While she was here, she learned to swim, play with others and even jump off the dock, but most of all she learned to be a loving dog, without a care in the world, as it should be in a dogs life.
She was the perfect dog and a wonderful guest.  Keely went home last night and it was very hard to see her go.  I have thought of her often in the last two days and wonder what she is doing.  Usually a dog will stay for a week, or 10 days at the most.  Keely stayed just long enough to get into my heart.  With all the dogs that get to stay I do wonder what they are doing just like I wonder what mine are doing when I am on vacation.  Many times Elaine and I will look at each other, and both say "Wonder what the dogs are doing".  
Well Keely, I do wonder what you are doing and miss seeing you.  I sometimes wonder if I get too close to all of them, but then again, maybe I do because they get so close to me....If you want to loose your heart, get a Border Collie......Life is good         
Keely, come back soon......your always welcome


My Pups


It Finally Happened....

Well, I knew the time would come, I regretted it coming, and I have had many sleepless nights wondering when it would happen, and it did. It happened in an instant and without ANY warning. Like a shot in the dark, a thief in the night, no warning sign, no build-up, nothing.

When it did, the look on their faces was distressing, there was the look of pain, panic, shock, bewilderment and a sense of loss went through the entire pack like ducks on a June bug. Abbie ran in circles, clutching the ball in her mouth for one last time, knowing the end had come. Meg just looked shocked and glassy-eyed.  Dutchess, in my heart, I thought she was going to just "pass out" from grief. Molly put her paws over her head and wept. Clancy, trying to stay strong, tried to keep his emotions together.  He would attempt to comfort the girls, but to no avail, it was a lost cause. He went to the woods to reflect, I'm sure he wept, but no one saw him.  Even little Annie had problems, "Is this what it's like here?  I don't like it here" It was over, finished, no more, and, the end has come. The reaper was among us. 

Elaine was out of town, so I couldn't gather her thoughts and help. She is so soft-hearted and knows just the right thing to say and do.  Nope, I was on my own with this.

Everyone slowly went toward the house, I have never seen so many long faces hanging toward the ground, Oh My, Oh My.  As I have said so many times, What to do, What to do…….

They put themselves in their kennel.  There is no joy in Mudville, No hope. 

The "tennis" racket used to hit the ball finally broke, and their world just fell apart, because it was such a large part of their life.  It had been used a thousand times to hit a million balls. As fast as I could drive, I went "Code 3" to Walmart and purchased a new one, thank God they had one in stock.  I got kisses and licks for days, I was their hero.   Off we went to wear the new one out.   Life is Good...

Annie fits in just fine.  She loves to explore and tries to keep up with the big dogs, but she just can't. "Hope", one of our pups was staying for a few days, and they became best friends.  They would play and play and roll in the dirt, they had a blast getting into trouble.

This was Elaine's favorite flower pot.  She had "Hens & Chickens" in it.  The only problem, Hope, liked it too.  Hope won! I'm kinda glad she did it, I never liked them.  Now we can put something else here...


Annie Is Here

Meet Annie

Annie "Belle" arrived Saturday morning with much fanfare.  She is a full-blooded Border Collie and has a Blue Merle coat.  She took right up to the dogs and everyone was OK with her and she seems to fit right in.  She is very sweet and she loves to give kisses and licks and is already laying in my lap.  We already love her so.

On another note, I had to cut the grass and the dogs wanted to play (imagine that).  They don't think you should ever do anything if you don't include them, well sometimes there wrong, or are they...

As you can see, I have a little trouble with everything, but with my handy "grabber" it seemed to work well and it kept the dogs happy until I could get finished... It's never dull....with the dogs...The things they get me to do........

Murray and Ranger, two of the dogs that were boarding here last week went home Friday.   They are from Meg and Clancy and are less than a year old.  They were such fun and loved to play and run and wrestle, especially between my legs when I would try to walk.  The loved the water and were wet most of the week.  The best part (not) was when they would get out of the water and run right up to me and shake all the water on me.  At least it kept me cool, if only I was hot at the time.

I got in the canoe to pick up balls and Frisbees that were on the lake and Ranger and Murray would swim to me every time I moved.  They would want in and I was a little unsure at first because they liked to wrestle and I thought they would turn us over and I didn't want to get wet.  Well, I gave in and when they reached the side of the canoe, I pulled them in.  Well, they were perfect, didn't move one bit.  They watched and rode in the front the whole time.  When I reached the bank, they jumped out.  They love to ride in the canoe and we went every day.  This is the only time they were on their best behavior.


OMG....What To Do...What To Do......Again

What To Do, What To Do.........Sometimes it seems that I go from a dog health care worker to a dog daycare worker.  I just can't decide which one I am.  It started out with a little yard work from me.  I was riding the 4-wheeler hauling stuff around the farm.  As usual, the dogs thought I was just doing it for them, and they would run back and forth wherever I was.  It was a sunny day but not particularly hot or humid, about 82 degrees.  I rode over to the lake, and I was so proud that Molly was getting into the water, "All The Way In," which she never does.   She even laid in the water just to get her body all the way under the water.  I thought this was a little odd, so I watched her a little closer.  She would attempt to move and walk but couldn't.  Now I was concerned......  She looked at me, and I knew she was in trouble.  I went into the water to get her because she was so unsteady.   She was panting and breathing very heavy and looked disoriented.  Molly was having a "Heat Stroke."  I had read about this many times before and knew the signs.

The most common clinical signs of heatstroke are:
•loss of balance
•excessive panting
•roaring breathing sounds
•excessive salivation
•decrease in mental awareness
•collapse and death

I knew immediate attention was required, I just didn't know where she was on the list.  She had all the symptoms, but the last one and that one didn't seem too far off.  I carried her into the house and laid her down and placed her on the floor, and put a fan on her.  She would attempt to move but couldn't.  I got down on the floor with her and stroked her face, just to comfort her and to keep her still.  It seemed that she could not get "cool" fast enough.  I knew that you didn't want to cool her any faster by using cold water, as it can actually be counterproductive. Cooling too quickly and especially allowing her body temperature to become too low can cause other life-threatening medical conditions, so I just had to wait it out, which we did together.  Little by little, she started to get better and would respond to me.  She got up and tried to get in her favorite chair and couldn't.  I lifted her up, and there we stayed for the rest of the day, me holding her paw and rubbing her head.   She is fine now and seems back to normal.  If this does occur, and it can so quickly, seek professional help.  We were lucky.  Molly usually doesn't play as hard as the others, I'm just glad we caught it in time.....and she had the knowledge to get in the water even if it was uncomfortable and I'm sure this saved her life.  They are so smart...

 Keely, one of our Border Collies, is still with us, she has fit right in and can be trusted with almost anything.  She is a very loving dog and loves to run full speed and jump on me just to show me she is there.  She has no fear and is very outgoing.  She is a sweetheart.

 Ranger and Murray, aka (also known as) Frick and Frack or the Bobbsey Twins are littermates of Meg and are brothers that came to stay at the same time.  They run and bite each other and are wet all the time, from the Koi pond, lake, or even a bucket of water for drinking on the back porch.  They love to shake the water off when I'm near and get me soaking wet.  Another thing they love to do, Murray will get between my legs, and Ranger will attack him in a loving way, and this is where they will battle.  I will tell you, this is just a little uncomfortable for me, because of the location, but every time I "shoo" them away, they come right back for more.  They are just big pups that love everything all the time.  The good thing, All the dogs, get along, and there has never been a problem.  Life is good...

Annie Belle  (4 weeks)