Dreams Do Come True...

Many have followed us here at the farm throughout the years and walked with us during the events of our life along with our dogs.  Sometimes good and sometimes bad but it was a journey some of us traveled.  As I go back and look at some of our events and circumstances, I am amazed of the changes that were made with us and the dogs. 

When we were young and much of life was ahead of us, we dreamed of things that we wanted to become or accomplish in our “long” life sometimes never thinking we would make it, but in some cases we did.  I am living proof that dreams can became true and that we can have hope.  You see, sometimes we set our goals too low because we don’t have confidence in others, and even ourselves but most of the time, it's the latter.

We muddle through life wondering which way to go, hoping to just survive and always looking for that big break and don't think our dream can come true.  A lot of times we put off doing what we need to do to follow our wishes but one day we’re faced with reality and crossroads.  I buckled down and chose to do what I needed to do to get things done, doing things that I didn’t want to do but did it.  So many young people today expect things will fall their way and hopefully it will but nothing ever did and I am who I am because of what I did and lots of dreams.  My daydreams came true for me and I am glad they did and even see others with filled dreams and life is good for all of us who work hard and the stars were lined up.

Abbie is happiest when she is wet...
As most have been following, you know about Abbie’s cancer and the diagnosis was never good but that didn’t stop us from dreaming.  We cried a lot at first and wondered what we would do and how much time we had with her.   Lots of trips to the Vet for her weekly treatments, pill popping and sock making finally paid off with a little more time.   I have said in private to a few close friends, my dream is to have her until she can swim and play a few more times, knowing it might not come to pass but it did.  With her, everything seems normal right now and last weekend, my dream came true… A few of our dogs along with Atticus and Gabe got to play in the water at the farm last weekend.  

Dear friends of ours came to visit, bring their boys and helped us celebrate Elaine and my wedding anniversary.  The weather was wonderful, sunny and getting into the 80’s a few days and the dogs had fun and I was beaming like a Cheshire cat.  I got my wish, Abbie jumped off the diving board, swam and played with the Jolly Ball and kept up with everyone every day.   It was good to see and my wish granted but most of all Abbie was happy and so was I. 

Hopefully things will continue and life will go on but we all know there is always a goodbye hovering in the shadows of a dog, hopefully this shadow is long and the sun moves slow.  In a conversation a few weeks ago a good friend of mine said something to the effect “do you know how lucky you are with Abbie’s health?”  Yes I do, dreams do come true and for one weekend, life was good, the sun was shinning and good friends were here and Abbie hogged the Jolly Ball.   Thanks for listening…  Ken

Note, Alan Teague took the photos.

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