Do you Believe?

Many years ago, my mom told me a story about my Grandmother, whom I had never met.  My mom, the youngest child, was with her brothers and sisters at her mother's death bed. Their family lived in a very rural area without running water and only had an outhouse, a little boy's dream. The year was 1929.  Mother told me the story of when all of her brothers and sisters had gathered to be with their mother as "that" time surely approached.  She was in a coma while her children sang and spoke quietly to their mother.  Everyone knew time was short, but there was a commotion from the bed when "Effie" sat straight up and, in a very distinct voice, said, "I'm ready to go." In everyone's amazement, some of the older children asked, "Mother, who are you talking to? Are you talking to us?"  "No, don't you see them, they're here," and while pointing, she said, "the angles have circled my earthly bed to take me home." Grandmother laid back down, and in seconds, she was gone to be with her Lord.  Are they among us?

Earlier this month, a rescue dog was happily transferred and placed into her new home.  Several hours later, and in an instant, everything changed for the owners and the dog because she was gone, she pulled out of her collar when she was outside.  Immediately, contacts were called, plans were made, and search parties were set up.  

Lost, gone forever?

This should be easy, we thought, but as the hours passed, followed by days, hope faded, and a little Border Collies was roaming the streets in a crowded populated area, or maybe her fate was worse. 
Flyers were made, traps were bought and set up where we guessed she could be.  Neighborhoods were walked, experts were called in, and a new round of determined people and plans were made and followed, but after more days passed, hope faded even more.  Unfortunately, no team member lived close, and some teams of people traveled roundtrip for nearly 5 hours to help a little border collie who was lost or even worse. Even more, a determination was made because as it got closer, we know time was not on our side, and this wouldn't end well at all.

Placing signs

The worst thing about something like this it is continuously on your mind; it's the first thing you think about and the last thing before going off into a horrible fretful sleep because you're helpless. 
Your whole day is consumed with where Isabella is, and whether you want to think it or not, it doesn't look good and even worse.  By the fifth day, we only received one sighting location, and it was two days old as time drags on.  Whispers were said about her fate, and we thought we would never find her because she was so scared and frightened of any new person, is she gone, never to be found? 
I even took my microchip scanner, just in case we found her body, just to make sure.  No one was with her, guiding and comforting her and showing her the way through the thick woods that surrounded the populated area.  Every day, we expanded the search pattern a mile farther out.  No one was with her, or so we thought, are they among us?  

More posters were ordered and picked up on day five, and a team headed out at 11:30 sharp.   Much was discussed, but secretly, hope was fading because the only one sighting was now five days old, and no-one was there to help her. 
Getting delayed several times because of the traffic and picking up the search items was aggravating, and the wheels seemed spinning, going nowhere, but forces were in the works we never thought of. After everything was picked up at the sign store, the team headed to several locations where yard signs were to be placed for passing cars if they spotted her.

The only lead, she was spotter here, 5 days earlier

After driving several hours, most of the yard signs were placed, and the team just by chance went into another direction that looked like a dog would go there, just by chance, but why?  Driving through the wooded area, an object was spotted in the road, and heartbeats quicken.  It looked like a dog, and no-one wanted to say what they thought, but after stopping and checking, it was not Isabella.  Hopefully, someone is with her and watching over her keeping her safe, hopefully.

Driving a mile or so further away from the search area, we came upon a mail delivery truck.  The team stopped and showed the driver a poster and said, if you see her, call the number on this poster."  "I saw her yesterday!"  "What," I said, "are you sure, really sure," "Yes, I have seen her for a couple of days; I deliver the mail where she's at!"

Driving as fast as we can, I pulled into the driveway, and it appeared no-one was home, but after knocking and with a poster in hand, a pleasant woman answered my question. "Yes, she's in the back yard"... They are among us!

This very house is where she was found, and we placed this sign earlier.  Fate

What are the chances that on this very day at this exact time...
We were in an area with hundreds of wooded acres.
Seeing a mailman miles away who didn't turn off
Stopping the mailman who delivered mail to the very house
The mailman knew the exact address Isabella was at
Isabella would only go to the woman at the house.
The homeowner was an animal spirit individual.
She, in her own words, communicated to Isabella.
To a house where chickens were under a porch. 
An elderly adult lived next door; her original owner was elderly.
Isabella didn't leave but had hundreds of miles to roam.
Five days and only one sight, which was four days old
If our many stops, twists, and turns, or anything thing changed for just 5 seconds earlier or later, we might not have Isabella. Why did all this fall into place? The story tells itself.

Liz, Jack, and Isabella united again.

You can call it what you want, but divine intervention and many other things went into play in finding Isabella.  Just 20 minutes before we stopped the mailman, a lost dog sign was placed in the VERY yard where we found her.  How does this happen, is Isabella and even us being watched over and guided?

As I have mentioned before, through some of my posts, things do happen for a reason, and I do believe people and dogs know more than we understand and comprehend, we just don't see it.  The very day Clancy died, he crept into my bed and laid in my arms. What most don't know, he rarely got into my bed. I am a very early riser and always get up before the sun.  That morning I slept in and was even surprised by his presence. Was he telling me goodbye? Was he preparing me for this task?  The day my father, who was in great health, passed away in front of me right after our lunch together, he said he was ready to go to heaven; two hours later, he did.  Was he saying goodbye? Was he preparing me to become a man?  Are they among us, angels, loving spirits, a paw? Absolutely, I know so.  I can think of many times that something impossible suddenly became possible because we couldn't make it work on our own.  

As I have said many times before, Clancy passed way before his time, he was healthy and strong, but because other plans were in force, he left.  We can't see the future but know it's planned for us, and sometimes we resist it, but it's there.  Hundreds of dogs have been saved; thousands upon thousands of dollars have been spent, people in this community, state, and nation have come together to save and take care of dogs they never met because there were angels among us.

I believe, do you?
Effie Sargent, while you passed away 91 years ago, I know we have a common bond; tell Mom and Dad I love and miss them and hug Clancy for me.  
Someday we will meet...  Ken

Destiny, sometimes referred to as fate, is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. Wikipedia