Another Night....

We were going to Louisville to see our new Granddaughter Saturday morning.  Molly would not come out of the kennel and wanted to stay put, right where she was.  I knew the time was close for her upcoming birth of the puppy's so I went and got Elaine, because she is the "expert" on this sort of stuff.  We took her temperature, because normally dogs are about 102 degrees and when they are 24 hours or less from delivery, it will go down to 100 degrees.  Molly was at 98.8.  So we knew.  Now the dilemma.  My son wanted to use my truck for a project and we wanted to see our beautiful Granddaughter.  Well.... you know Elaine IS the expert so I got to go on to Louisville and take care of business.  I got to hold "Maddie",  feed "Maddie", cuddle "Maddie" and just look at "Maddie", such hard work. 

Back to Molly and Elaine....Molly did go into labor.  Elaine took her into the house so she could keep a watch.  She was on the bed and all of a sudden, Molly went to the back door, like she wanted to go out.  Molly went about two feet and stopped and turned around and Elaine said "what's wrong"  Molly came back a foot or so and then turned again and stopped.  Elaine said "are you ready?".  With that Molly went straight to her nesting box in the kennel with Elaine right behind her.  In just a short time Molly had started giving birth.  It went until about 1 AM.  After she was done and all finished, she had 4 girls and 6 boys.  I knew she was big as a barrow,  and yes ten pups is a lot of puppy's.  The hard part will be when they are 5 or 6 weeks old and we are in the yard playing and they all want to be right under your feet trying to play with your shoe strings while you walk.  I can't wait........
By the way I did tell Elaine about all the work I had to do in Louisville...........


"What a Night"

Here is was, let me set the stage.  I knew something wonderful was going to happen, the birds started singing, the bees started making more honey, dogs and cats were playing together.  There is even talk of Peace in the middle east and even the Democrats and Republicans were working together and the world was right.  God, then sent a little angle to us and her name is Madalyn Grace. 
My son Brad and his beautiful wife Angie had a bundle of Love and Joy.  As you know, I am pretty close to the chest about myself, but this is different.  I can't keep it and I hope you understand, and I'm sure some have experienced the same thing.  She is beautiful.  By my own admission, I am not a baby person.  I am just a little intimidated.  This has now changed.  I want to see her, hold her and can't wait to be with her.  I even day dream of things that we can do when she gets a little older.  Some of this comes from a time when both my boys were going to be born.  We were told that they were going to be little girls.  I was not disappointed, however, I have always had a soft spot for a daughter.  Well life goes on and we adapt.  God always has a way of making things work out, even when we don't understand, we just need to trust.  All things were made right and the circle was made complete.  Madalyn has completed my life.

To Brad and Angie,
Thank you Brad and Angie, you have taken on the most important job in the world.  It has it's disappointments and rewards, but in the end it will pay big dividends and the rewards will be great.  You get out of life what you put in.   Put God first and trust him.  He is always there, waiting to help, and comfort you.  Brad, my Father told me, when you were about to be born that I would now experience true love, I was a little unsure what he meant until you arrived.  How true....  Daddo


Catching Up

This has been a good week, the dogs are fine and they are starting to put on their winter fur.  Clancy and Max stay out all day but also have a dog door to the garage that they can come in and sleep under a heat light with a blanket to keep them warm.  They also have an Igloo dog house on the back porch that they both get in when it's really cold.  It's such a sight when I go out and they both, at the same time, stick only their head out and look around.  I have just completed some much needed insulation on the kennel for the girls.  I have insulated the walls and ceiling and put drywall up.  This will make it much warmer and the appearance is very nice.  I wanted to wait until it got a little cooler before dealing with the fiberglass insulation.  I usually make things a little nicer than they need to be and that is no exception on the kennel.  They have automatic fans that come on when it is hot and heat in the winter.  The girls sleep on a combination of straw and ceder chips and are quite warm.  I am pleased.  All of the cats sleep with the dogs.  They will curl up and get as close as they can.

Meg and the Cats

Meggie, Meg's little Girl
Meggie, the last pup to go home gets special attention.  We bring her in to stay with us in the house. She is doing great and has had no accidents yet, but we watch her like a hawk.  We are crate training her and she goes in about 10:30 or 11:00 PM.  So far, she has no accidents in the crate and does not whine at all and will sleep all through the night.  I get her out about 7:30 AM and take her outside.  She loves to set in my lap and chew on a rawhide and watch TV with me and then we take a nap.  She really is doing good.   She will be going to Michigan this weekend and will be missed.


Just Stuff

It seems like time goes by so quick, I thought I had just done this and now I am late, sorry readers.  We had a wedding at the farm on Sunday and there was a lot of things to do and to get ready.

Two of the dogs have gone home and another will go home on Thursday.  Which will leave one that will come in the house and be the "House Dog" with Abbie.  Abbie will sit in my lap all the time for fear "somebody" will take her place.  Abbie will watch any other dog that's in, just to make sure that no-one gets too close that will take her place.   She really doesn't mind too much, but she does like her lap.  Sometimes if Meg or Molly is in my lap first, Abbie will jump up too, and then they get heavy.  They love to be there, and I kinda like it too.  The little one "Meggie" will be fun.

Things are going well here, Abbie has run so much, she has wore the skin off her pads and I keep her in more, and put "Bag Balm" on her little pads, she does well with it and does not lick it off.  For whatever reason, she has tender feet and, I use dog booties on her once in a while.  It's so cute and they really work.  I have pink ones for Molly.  If you think you might need them or want some, contact me, I have a link.  It's the same ones they use in Alaska on the dog runs.  They run a couple dollars a piece and they stay on pretty good.  In the photo, Molly has on the pink ones and Abbie has on the purple ones.  They really don't seem to mind and it helps a lot