Agility Class

Well Last night was our first real Agility Class with Meg.  She was the best student there and she even received a blue ribbon and her picture will be on a can of New Dog Food.  She will fly to Washington to meet the President.  Oh wait, that was my dream last night.  The BIG news is Meg DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT throw up  YEA, YEA.  We went with the car window down even though it was the hottest day of the year.  I thought if she did, the Car Gods would favor me and some of it would go out the window, but we didn't need any help.  We made it.

Med did very well, the wasn't the best, but she was not the worst either.  She did great except, she wouldn't get on a balance board very well, but she did.  The Teacher is great and has a LOT or patients with the dogs.  We used about 100 treats and she did learn a lot the first night.  Pictures next week.

Dogs are hot this week, but will not slow down at all and I didn't know their will hang so low.  They go from one water hole to another, just to keep cool.  Usually the last one is a mud hole, but they love it and clean up pretty good.

A First

Max is the hottest dog I know.  Not the sexy kind, but he pants all the time in the summer so this year for the first time I took him to a dog groomer to have his hair trimmed.  When I picked him up, I almost did not recognized him, but he looked great.  He acted like a new dog, strutting his stuff and seemed very cool.  Problem and their is always is one!  Clancy did not recognize him and started to herd him and act dominate against Max.  They are usually are best friends, going everywhere together and cleaning each others face.  Clancy has always been the dominate one, but they never had a problem until now.  He will try to run Max off into the woods and keep the girls to himself.  It's amazing to see the interaction with all the dogs, and this is fascinating to see inside the dog worls.  They are getting better, but it has been different.  I guess it will be a while until his hair grows out.  You think this is the same dog?


Agility Lesson

Well off we went this morning.  I had treats, clickers, leads, paper work, rabies tags and much more, but nothing to clean up the puke.  But wait, Meg never throws up, except for today.  As God is my witness, we were pulling into the drive and here it came.  I did take all the precautions, no food today and nothing to drink for the last hour.  She not only threw up once, she threw up from her rear toenails 3 times.  I haven't seen this since I was in college, it hurt me.  After doing my best, we walked in and everything seemed fine.  I met the teacher (Ruth) and she was a very pleasant person and the facility was wonderful.  It is all indoors and I was amazed at her professionalism.  She does compete and has won several titles.  Today was just a meet and greet with her, and to see the facility.  We will start in a few weeks and I will keep my loyal readers up to date as to her progress.  She did get to go through the enclosed tunnel that is used.  She was a little slow at first but took right to it.  The heat thing was no problem, all the dogs there were females.
On the way home we treated our-selves to a double cheese burger from Burger King.  Meg likes hers plain.


In Heat

Meg is in heat... She has grown fast and is not my little lap dog anymore, but she still will manage, and my lap is always open. It's just who gets there first. I love that feeling when you settle down, and one of the dogs will crawl up and make their nest and fall asleep. Border Collies are usually not very lazy, to say the least, and it is a time that you can rub their feet, rub their fur, and check them out. It's fun to watch them jerk and jump as they sleep. I've heard the old timer say they were chasing rabbits in their dreams.
Back to the heat thing. Meg and I are going to attend our first agility classes on Wednesday, this could be a big bundle of trouble for us both. I'm sure if there are male dogs in the class, they will be distracted a whole bunch, to say the least. She could be great and if she pays attention, will be the fastest of the whole bunch, but we'll see. If things work out, I will breed her with Shepp.
Abbie has cut her rear paw pad. She is also a runner, and she and Meg will compete on who get there first. Abbie started limping yesterday, and when I checked, she had a pretty deep cut that I'm sure she got running at lightning speed. There is nothing you can do except keep her from running (sure), so she is in the house with a dog bootie on and getting a lot of attention.  Ken



Road Trip

During Memorial Weekend, we went to Shipshewana, Indiana (Amish Country) and took two of the dogs, Abbie and Meg. The dogs traveled great and were excellent in the car, but only in the car. Just imagine, going to the buggy country and one of your dogs wanting to bite at the horse's hooves that were pulling passengers. The first hint of a problem is when an Amish girl came up to Abbie and wanted to pet her, but as she was walking away, Abbie tried to bite her shoestrings.

The other problem was when we were in a shop, the shop owner, who had dogs wanted to pet her. This was fine until the store owner wanted to put her face in Abbie's face. I was shaking my head saying NO NO NO, well guess what.....There was just the slightest bite on her lip. The only thing I could see was the dreaded lawsuit. The shop owner was very friendly and did not think a thing about it, whew....
Dated 10-1-2010