Always and Again...

While I am working on a project in the house, I hear "DUTCHESS, DUTCHESS, D - U - T - C - H - E -C - S - S, COME HERE RIGHT NOW.  Don't run from me, come here dammit," and Elaine never curses. OH God, I thought, what now.  We nearly have had at least one day of peace, and I knew it couldn't last, it never does.   As I ran down the stairs, I could only imagine what could be wrong.  As I made the turn around the corner, Dutchess was weaving through the furniture and escaped under the dining room table, and she was safe.

Do you know what she did!  My eyes rolled back in my head, and a thousand things entered my mind because of the shenanigans she has done throughout the years.  No blood was visible, she was scampering at a fast pace, and she looked happy.  It couldn't be too bad, I thought, but she usually does some dastardly deeds most of the time.   "What," I ask, "she got a Q-tip out of the garbage by climbing up on the commode. " While this not as bad as some of the things she has gotten into, it's certainly worth looking into while wondering what to do next.

I grabbed my "go-to" tools, which consist of a bottle of peroxide and a 20 ml syringe.  This is something I have used often when a few of the dogs eat something that can be harmful, but Dutchess is usually my go-to girl for this.  I poured out enough to make her throw up, and off we went to do the deed.  As I headed down the stairs, Dutchess followed and hung her head.  She knew I thought, but in her mind, she got a snack.  "What kind of Q-tip was it? I ask.  "Paper," Elaine said, and I stopped and thought I wonder if she'll be Okay.   I always worry about the dogs and would hate for them to go through something that could be prevented, but with Dutchess, anything is fair game to eat if it even has an odor on it, and sometimes, that's better.  As I was ready to administer the peroxide, I stepped back; surely, there has to be a better way.  After a long thought, I deferred my deed because it just didn't seem like it was necessary, and hopefully, it's not.  She is so used to it, and I even think she is immune to the peroxide.  

Dutchess is the worse of any dog that seems to be obsessed with food ar anything to eat.   While I am grateful that she has not ever been interested in sticks or chewing on them, I would assume that she could clear a forest with her appetite.  I don't know where this came from; she always had an affection for humankind food, but don't get me wrong; she loves her kibble too, along with anything that resembles a tasty treat, including kibble that comes from another dog if they are sick.  Just don't let her kiss you.

I never understood dogs that would eat rabbit, deer, raccoon, cat, duck, or any kind of poo but turn their heads up at the best and expensive food on the market.  At least Dutchess is a consumer of every type of item that has any resemblance of food, including ear wax.  I just hope it didn't come out straight...  Ken

It's a Beautiful Day for Friends...

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?

One thing I have enjoyed about working with the dogs we love and meeting the people who come through the portals of Clancy's Dream is the group's desire to make a situation better and to improve the life of a Border Collie. What I also see is the friendships that are made by people who have never met each other, and at times, they live many states apart. At the Nellie Effect 5K Run, I saw seen people who met up and hugged each other because they met on Socal Media. Each friend was glad and excited to finally put a face with a name, me included.

While it is a common desire to assist people and friends out, with our group, it seems to go beyond what some people do and to the depths of support or help we give each other. While this is not always privy to everyone, being on the inside of this cause, I see it every day. Each of us has gone through, is going through, or will go through a time when we need help and understanding; inevitably, we will all be there at some point in our dog's life. On our social media pages, it is more visible of the care and love each member has. Everyone gives support, recognition, and praise without anyone being bossy or unruly, something that says a lot about the people involved who we each care so much about.

 I have been privileged to see presents, flowers, letters, and notes passed to each other in times of praise or sadness, and at times, it is anonymous. I know people who have traveled hundreds of miles to visit and even stay with people they have never met, why is this? Is it because we have a connection, an inner spirit, or something that can't be explained?  I know that if a tragedy or death occurs, our friends always come to the rescue because most of us have been here.

True friends aren't phony with you. They show you who they really are. They're honest with you when it matters most. They never try to deceive you into making themselves seem stronger, more successful, or better than they really are. ... A true friend is not only honest about themselves, but they are also honest about you.

With true friends, like the 10 reasons below, I could say that with our friends and dog family, it's the same with both...

#1 You share EVERYTHING
Food, furniture, laughs, clothing, tears (wails), you name it… 
#2 They know what you're feeling just by being around you
Dogs can sense emotions and know how to respond. When we're not at our best, a little sad or under the weather, dogs know exactly how to make us feel better just by being by our side. 
#3 You feel like a celebrity every time you step through the front door
The minute your key is in the door, your dog comes bounding through the house to greet you as though you've been away for six months. 
#4 They've seen you at your very worst
Your dog has witnessed how you are first thing in the morning, seen you before your first coffee of the day, wild hair, dark circles around your eyes, losing your marbles, etc. They've seen you ill, they've seen you in all sorts of situations very few will others have witnessed. Yet there's no judgment, they just love you as you are… if not more if that's even possible!
#5 They remind you to appreciate the little things
Dogs see the world through the eyes of children. Their rose-tinted glasses make everything magical, surprising and unique, and they're not afraid to help you see things from their point of view!
#6 They inspire you
'Be the person your dog thinks you are'. You may well have heard this quote and we think it's a great way to always be the very best you - with your dog and in your life.
#7 No one can come between you and your dog
If you're out together, you know your dog's got your back. Woe betide anyone who wishes you harm!
#8 You always have a good time...
... no matter what you do! Whether it's a play in the garden, shopping, a walk or just watching TV at home, you know you'll smile more than once simply spending time together.
#9 They're there to lend a hand
Or a paw at least! Ok, they may not be able to physically help you out, but when our human friends can't be there to support you with small day-to-day tasks, you know your dog will always cheer you on when you need it. They're your own personal cheerleader and they wouldn't miss a minute of supporting you!
#10 You light up each other's worlds
Dogs enrich our lives with their unconditional love, kindness and, more often than not, their craziness too! They put a smile on our faces just by being there. For them, you are the ultimate friend, you're their everything, and they're just happy to be with you. And that is amazing!   Yummy Pets

So we are friends and neighbors because of our like minds and want to share our happiness, love, concerns but most importantly our support.  Just by 'being a friend is a tremendous thing."

So let's make the most of this beautiful day
Since we're together, we might as well say
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?



"Please," I have said this word many times in the dog world, and I know I will say it thousands of times more. While I'm not as religious as I know I should be, I do have firm beliefs from my childhood when my father was the choir director in a small church, and I was forced (because I wanted my allowance) to play the piano for him. While I do have a repertoire of gospel hymns in my memory and play often, the events helped me to know there is a higher power, and in the rescue world, I see it every day.
I don't know if I was in Heaven or the other place...
The one thing I don't miss about playing the piano at church are the pats on my head when I'm pulled into a big busted blue-haired lady along with a kiss on the cheek after I play, and that Eau de Toilette Parfum. Now that I think about it, maybe this is why I have OCD, and I may need therapy. I can see it now, "Tell me Kenny, how do you feel?" "I can still see her, coming straight at me smelling like Lavender, and I won't be able to see anything as my breath is cut off for what seems like an eternity." "HElP, I'm drowning in breasts." "Well, times up, I will see you next week."

Many times during the week, I get that call from someone needing help. Sometimes, it's about a dog in a kill shelter with only one day left or an injured dog, and no one can pay. Sometimes it's about a dog tied to a chain. Sometimes it's about a dog that has cancer, and they are scared.  Sometimes we don't have any fosters, and I get many calls for help because they don't know where to turn to for help. 

Just this week, I got a call with one of our fosters, and they needed some help with a situation. We talked several times, and I researched the issue. But while I'm not an expert and don't give advice, the veterinarian is the expert and should always be consulted and was. In this case, like many others, I buried my face and rubbed my temples and wondered how this could happen and how to fix it "Please, Lord, let this workout and give them an answer and make this better." Of course, I worry about it and hope and pray everything works out, and it usually will, usually. 

It is truly a curse to be so concerned about everything and want everything to work out, and it's hard to see a positive outcome when your glass is always half empty. While I see dogs in situations where help and immediate responses are necessary, I try to respond as fast as we can, but I always want to fix the problem "right now." Sometimes this is not always possible or the right way to do things. At times, time is needed to correct the problem, but I always have a soft spot for the ones that can't help themselves.   

In high school, there are always some bullies and creeps. I was only in two quarrels, one I'm ashamed of and one I'm proud of. In my days, we had a Physical Education class in Junior High. Most of the boys loved it, but the girls hated it. Once while I was standing in line, the class bully started picking on another kid. Of course, the kid was intimidated and started to cry. Something happened, and I jumped from the line and grabbed the thug around the neck with one arm. I wrestled him around and started punching him in the face with my free hand until he begged me to stop through tears. A bloody nose and hand resulted, but it was worth it, and the thug never did it again, I didn't even know the kid's name but he needed help and no one else would. Thank God, a teacher did not see it, but I don't think it would have changed a thing, something needed to be done. I have always had a special place for the unloved, unwanted, and helpless, and always pull for the underdog and some Border Collie situations fit right into this spot.

As I got off the phone the other day after talking about the dog with the issue, I thought of the many times I have said those exact words through grief and tears.

Please, let us get there before it's too late!
Please, help me understand!
Please let us find a foster, no two fosters!
Please let us find a home!
Please let us get them out of there!
Please help us pay for this! 
Please take care of the ones I left behind!
Please let me sleep!
Please help us fix this!
Please let the dogs understand!
Please let them get better!
And the hardest one is; 
Please let them leave this world in peace and let them know we tried everything, please!

While I have always loved playing the piano and can play the dickens out of it, I learned many lessons.  It's not about you,  it's about others and how you can serve them.  I promise that if you focus your life on the ones that need you, not only will you help them, you too will be rewarded.  Like the kid in Junior High, although he was not a friend and I never saw him again, he will never forget that day and after 50 years, I have not either, nor will the dog you save.   This life is not about us...   Ken