Time is Irrelevant... Maybe

It's now is getting dark earlier, but I realized that we are winding down this summer, and it's kinda sad. We just turned our clocks backward for daylight saving time, and in a way, it's unfortunate that the season is changing. I love the spring and summer except for the hot, humid weather, but it's worth putting up with for the long pretty days and dry weather. The only good part of winter that if I like is I can take longer naps and don't feel that I have "be on the move" the whole time. 

There is nothing like a long nap in front of the TV with several dogs in my lap and a warm fire. Every season has its perks, but spring is best for me. Spring and summer are always busy and packed full of adventures of play and fun and especially work, which never stops, and I'm sure my dogs suffer a bit and miss "our" time.

I'm sure the dogs will appreciate more time with "the man" and in truth, I will to, I just don't want to deal with the mud from the fall rains.  Frozen ground is good, but lots of rain and mud is brutal to everyone and then the nap time with dad is out until they are cleaned up, something they never think about when they are running and playing.  I wish they would think about that.

Cold winters seem to bring the best out, I put on my sub-zero coat and insulated boots, and off we go on long walks several times a day around the lake and down the long trails. In the evenings, Dutchess will park herself in front of the TV just to watch the local weatherman, and when the word "snow" comes on, a loud bark follows from her with eager ears and a spring in her step. I will tell you, around here, snow is excellent. The deeper, the better, and as long as it lasts, there is joy in the air.

The one thing I will never understand during the time changes is what time is it really.  Unfortunately, during this last time change, I was traveling to St Louis.  Not only was I wondering what time it was, but I also traveled to another time zone.  Was it 8am EST "slow" time or 9am "fast" time?  Were we on EST or CST, and at times, I didn't know what time it was even if I looked. My watch said one time, my car had another time, and my phone had a third time. At one point, I could have run through the street with my hair on fire.

So here we are wrapping down another year, I just wonder what it will bring. Hopefully, no mud, no work and lots of time to relax before we start over again, but I'm sure there will always be lots of work and the time change. Ken