The Red Collar...

There comes a time when you break free of the shackles that bind you.  Usually, it is your own doing if you have made a wrong decision or choice, and you have fought back to the freedom from the pain or anguish it has caused you.  If you don't know how to fight, or when you're fighting with all the wrong weapons, you may lose strength, lose faith, and confidence, not knowing how to fight back.  You ask yourself, "why did this happen" or say, "what have I done." You usually know the answer to your own question and accept the fact, "it's my own fault." Hopefully, you climb back and take the road to freedom, putting your past and bad decisions behind you and live a peaceful life.  For a Border Collie who has lost all freedom or hope, there is no choice or freedom, sometimes...

 Since the early conception of Clancy's Dream, we have seen many dogs that have lost strength, lose faith and confidence, and at times, just give up but we stepped in and gave them a new life.  We're sure that some take that walk down that long corridor to their eternal rest where no-one could care less or help, but there is hope! 

When we go to assist a dog at a shelter, we always take an essential piece of equipment that is simple but means so much.  After everything checks out, papers are signed and handshakes made, we place a collar around the neck of the dog that guarantees hope and safety, little do they know the meaning. 

He now belongs to us and will come into our fold, and it's a day filled with hope, promise, joy, and trust.  It has become a tradition of Clancy's Dream to place a bright red collar on a new rescue dog and declare they are Free at Last, and they are.   

Sometimes we never know where they came from or why they came to us, but they have.  Many times, after picking a Border Collie up, I have buried my head in my hands and wondered, how does this happen while the dog is in the back seat is smiling or licking my ear.

 When the vehicle is shifted into drive, we start our journey; it now becomes the most important journey in the life of "our" dog.   They are currently on what is called "The Freedom Ride."  Unlike the last journey they took in a car where they were dropped and abandoned at the shelter or side of the road to die; this ride is different in so many ways.  

Some Border Collies may have been left by people who do not know or care what happened, but this time, things are different.  To those who have left them, know that money flows freely, prayers are said, donations are given, calls are made, and there is an Army of people pulling for the dog you gave up on.  Many people will help and volunteer in any they can, spending hundreds of hours on the road while traveling great distances. Some spend countless hours searching for a way to solve a problem, and they do because all have stepped up to make sure the dog you left is forever safe.

When the red Rescue Collar is slipped around the neck of the dog, the life of the dog changes, along with the life of the person who slips it on.  The volunteers who have done this knew that time had no meaning, money flowed freely, prayers were answered, donations were given, and calls were made, and thousands of people pulled for the dog that was saved.  This is a magical moment for the dog but it's a magical moment for the rescuer too.

The red Rescue Collar means little to most, but to the Border Collie who was saved and to the person who traveled with them on the Freedom Ride, it means everything but most importantly, hope and freedom.  The bright side and good of all of this, all collars tell a story, you may not think it, but it does and will follow them wherever they go. When the time comes, we remove our Clancy's Dream Rescue Collar that was given to them, but when they leave with their new owner and new collar, it's with a second chance and fresh start. When they go to their new home, I know there will be happy faces and happy smiles of dogs that have a second lease on life.  

Life is just a whisper, and when my few seconds are up, I hope I made a difference, but in my next dimension of time, I want to sit in that field of grass and be with every dog I have ever touched and Clancy again.  Ken

There are many types of Freedon rides, thanks to all who care.

And in one day, Everything Changed because of you...