Always and Again...

While I am working on a project in the house, I hear "DUTCHESS, DUTCHESS, D - U - T - C - H - E -C - S - S, COME HERE RIGHT NOW.  Don't run from me, come here dammit," and Elaine never curses. OH God, I thought, what now.  We nearly have had at least one day of peace, and I knew it couldn't last, it never does.   As I ran down the stairs, I could only imagine what could be wrong.  As I made the turn around the corner, Dutchess was weaving through the furniture and escaped under the dining room table, and she was safe.

Do you know what she did!  My eyes rolled back in my head, and a thousand things entered my mind because of the shenanigans she has done throughout the years.  No blood was visible, she was scampering at a fast pace, and she looked happy.  It couldn't be too bad, I thought, but she usually does some dastardly deeds most of the time.   "What," I ask, "she got a Q-tip out of the garbage by climbing up on the commode. " While this not as bad as some of the things she has gotten into, it's certainly worth looking into while wondering what to do next.

I grabbed my "go-to" tools, which consist of a bottle of peroxide and a 20 ml syringe.  This is something I have used often when a few of the dogs eat something that can be harmful, but Dutchess is usually my go-to girl for this.  I poured out enough to make her throw up, and off we went to do the deed.  As I headed down the stairs, Dutchess followed and hung her head.  She knew I thought, but in her mind, she got a snack.  "What kind of Q-tip was it? I ask.  "Paper," Elaine said, and I stopped and thought I wonder if she'll be Okay.   I always worry about the dogs and would hate for them to go through something that could be prevented, but with Dutchess, anything is fair game to eat if it even has an odor on it, and sometimes, that's better.  As I was ready to administer the peroxide, I stepped back; surely, there has to be a better way.  After a long thought, I deferred my deed because it just didn't seem like it was necessary, and hopefully, it's not.  She is so used to it, and I even think she is immune to the peroxide.  

Dutchess is the worse of any dog that seems to be obsessed with food ar anything to eat.   While I am grateful that she has not ever been interested in sticks or chewing on them, I would assume that she could clear a forest with her appetite.  I don't know where this came from; she always had an affection for humankind food, but don't get me wrong; she loves her kibble too, along with anything that resembles a tasty treat, including kibble that comes from another dog if they are sick.  Just don't let her kiss you.

I never understood dogs that would eat rabbit, deer, raccoon, cat, duck, or any kind of poo but turn their heads up at the best and expensive food on the market.  At least Dutchess is a consumer of every type of item that has any resemblance of food, including ear wax.  I just hope it didn't come out straight...  Ken