Our Creed...

As we pass through this life, we actually take on a creed of sorts by following what we believe.  Sometimes you may not even know it because you haven't really thought about.  A creed can take on many forms, but it's a set of beliefs or aims which guide your actions.  Sometimes you have a faith or doctrine and don't even realize it, and usually, it's about something you are passionate about.

Some people have a creed, and it often gets stronger as you dive into your passion.  Clancy's Dream has a Creed that states, "Bringing Help and Hope to Border Collies and their Owners in times of Need through Rescue Efforts, Veterinary Care or Cancer Assistance."  When Clancy's Dream was started, things changed because the needs have changed, and I am even more passionate to help the dogs and see a greater need for urgency in their plight.  Just this last week, I saw an entire group of people helping with a cause with a deep passion, and I was humbled.

When a call was put out where nearly 20 Border Collies needed help in the worse way, many people came to the sound of the alarm, which was ringing loudly, and they were running at full speed.  We were flooded with offers to donate, transport, helping with physical labor, pray, and to do whatever it took to help these desperate animals in need, a team came together. 

Most of the times we didn't even need to ask, people filled in doing whatever it took.  There were whole days that we needed to evaluate, wash, and scrub the kennel and dogs and transport.  As I write this, there is an all-day transport that will last from 8:30 am until late in the evening.  On one occasion, a group of men transported a 24-foot horse trailer and tool all the dogs to a clinic at once, something that 9 vehicles would have been needed.  This trip alone took over 18 hours because they had to wait at the clinic until they were done and then transported them to a new clinic.

While it's about a 4-hour drive from me, and while I was dreading it, on the day we washed the dogs and sanitized the kennel, one couple drove from Kentucky which was much farther than me.  I was humbled and even felt guilty that I was complaining.  Many groups stepped up to foster and adopt the dogs and help with whatever needs.  While some of us have been involved with puppy mills, this was a first for Clancy's Dream.  One of my favorite groups, Glen Highland Border Collie rescue stepped up you take dogs that were positive for Heartworm, but they were adopted by one of our members.

As the progress developed with the transport today, every dog has left for their new home.  Thanks for all the help from everyone who helped. As I thanked as many people as I could, If I heard it once, I heard it many times, "It's all about the dogs."  I am humbled is an understatement...  Find your passing, it's rewarding.   Ken

Megan Chasteen – Grooming 
Marybeth Haar – Adopting Peggy & Stormy
Gail Beach – Evaluations, Fostering Kimber & Peggy and dog washing
JD Hasty – Dog washing
Dr. Shanna Ewert & staff at Community Animal Hospital in Warsaw, IN – 
Lou Anne Denny – Dog washing
Barb Parsons  - Dog washing and kennel cleaning
Jeff Persons Dog washing and kennel cleaning 
JoDee Lawson (Imogene) – Transport organizing for 3 transports
Staff and Vets at Lafayette Low-Cost Spay & Neuter
Sharon Dull working and visiting the dogs as they recouped
Jo & Pat Miller – Transporting 9 dogs in a horse trailer
Max  – Pat’s helper
Liz Crawley - helping get dogs loaded and transported from Clinic to kennels
Jeremy Hooten – helping get dogs loaded and transported from Clinic to kennels
Nita & Crystal Creek Kennels
Katie Crawford – Transport of Penny, Lady & Jan
Morgan Hancock - Transport of Penny, Lady & Jan
Other rescues – Sally Hull/Hull’s Haven, Dede King/Heart of a Border Collie, Deanne Harris/Border Collie Rescue & Rehab & Naomi Walker-Byrne/BC Save
Glen Highland Farm
Karen Newhall
People that donated, prayed & followed

**I’m sure there are more, many more.  Please forgive me...