Going Home...

On June 20, 2019, another journey was completed...

You may remember that last year, Elaine and I made a Journey to Malvern Hills in England to visit friends and stay with them for nearly a week.  While there, we went to British Camp that was established for a thousand years or more and is full of history.  It has had castles, Roman battles and has been fought over by many cultures but today it is owned by the public, never to be changed with space to walk your dog’s where sheep are allowed to graze on the hills.  It also has the fur of Clancy, Abbie, and Oreo, which is always present in spirit with the Greats of history that are there.

While on top of British Camp, I was accompanied by two dogs born at the farm, Xena, a Daughter of Clancy and Molly and Jack, a Grandson of Clancy who is now living in England.   

Last year I took out of my jacket pocket a small bag that contained the hair of Clancy, Abbie, Oreo, Elaine, and myself.  The wind was fierce, heading directly North toward Clancy's birthplace in Selkirk UK.   As I took out the fur, I smelled it one last time, kissed it and released it watching it travel to distant places with the wind.  It was very bittersweet, comforting, and I felt my heart tugging again.  I watched their fur sail into the heavens while it was carried long distances.  After I was finished, I turned into the northbound wind and turn my face toward the heavens and wept like a child.

On the way home last year as I sat on the plane traveling west at 40,000 feet heading to New York, I pondered my life and the life of Clancy and Abbie.  I also took another kind of journey when we started Clancy's Dream.  I never sensed it would become what it, much less ever thought it would be possible.  The view from the window was speculation but gave me a sense of smallness in a vast world, making me feel so incompetent in a world of wonderment and how small we really are.  Before we left England, our host said, "I will visit them," and I knew Catherine and Richard did and it was just a few weeks ago.

Since we returned from Great Britain last year, Molly and Nellie, daughter of Clancy and Dutchess had crossed the Rainbow Bridge leaving big holes in the hearts of the people who loved them.

On June 20, 2019, another journey was completed when the fur of Molly and Nellie was also released in the exact spot where I did, a little over a year ago.  They are all together again.  A month or so ago Catherine made the trip to the USA to attend her daughter's college graduation, and of course, she stopped by the farm.  Before she left, I went to a secret spot and gathered the fur of Molly and Nelly that I had gathered after their death.  

I took some for the trip to England, and the rest will be buried with Elaine and me when we pass, it seems only fitting.  What is so important is where this location is, is the start of Clancy's Dream and the dogs that have passed.  British Camp is one of the tallest hills in England and faces Scotland, the birthplace of Clancy's Great grandparents, and it was important to me for him, if only in spirit to go home.  

Clancy, Abbie, and Nellie are now together near the birthplace of ancestors. British Camp is an Iron Age hill fort located at the top of Herefordshire Beacon in the Malvern Hills. The hill fort is protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.   The fort is thought to have been first constructed in the 2nd century BC. A Norman castle was built on the site, and Catherine and Richard live within walking distance and visit my dogs often along with the siblings of Clancy.  Thank you...   Ken