Getting There...

Getting there;
Approaching or progressing toward a particular goal or outcome.

While this is true, it's not always the goal.  Most of our lives we work so hard to get "there."  All of our life we finagle to do things that may not be pleasant such as working two jobs, pinching pennies and we do without things to make ends meet.  Each of us has a story that most of us can relate too because we probably have done the same thing.

From birth, we strive for goals, we crawl, walk, sleep all night, learn the potty chair, 1st grade, middle school, graduation, marriage, and depending on your lifestyle, sex.  We all have goals, and we reach then at different intervals in our personal life.  One goal we all reach is getting old.

Mom are we here yet?  Yes, Jonnie we're here!

Years ago, I would get mail about Credit Card offers, vacations now I get mail about old-person things: hearing aids, catheters, investment dinners and one night I turned to Elaine after seeing a TV ad and said: "Who wears a catheter, is there really a market for this?"  That's right: I get catheter mail, who knows, it may be heading my way.  I can see this in the future, "Kenny, are you ready to leave for the movie, do you have your wallet, phone, and catheters," "sure, thank you, I brought two." 

I I also, get a lot of letters from AARP.  AARP is, of course, the last sound you make before you die. AARP!  I remember when I first got my AARP card, I would pay for three years ahead of time now I only get it one year because I don't want to give them money if I'm not around.  But they also help older people deal with being old, by telling us that age doesn't really matter; that no matter how old we get, we can still do anything we set our minds to.  Of course, this is a lie, I mean, no matter what, aging, sucks. For people, anyway. But not for dogs.  Dutchess turned 13 around the same time I turned 65, so if you go by dog years, she is 91  But I've noticed that Dutchess seems a lot happier in her old age than I am. Everything makes her happy and excited. Like when it's time to go outside, she will grab a ball, I'll be like, "Oh crap, I gotta take the dogs out to pee, we don't have time." But Dutchess sees it like, "A WALK!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! HOW DO YOU THINK THIS STUFF UP?"  and I would say "It's because I don't want you to poop on the floor."

Dutchess loves to make new friends. I seldom make new friends. I'm not even sure all my old friends are still around and if they are, they don't remember me. But Dutchess immediately makes friends with everybody she meets. She has lots more friends than I do, but only because she thinks they are carrying a snack in their pocket and she will effectually check them out wagging her tail but sniffing.

She also has more fun. Despite her age, she still loves to play. I'll be sitting around wondering who wears a catheter, and Dutchess will find a ball trotting up and taunting me, daring me to try to take it away from her.  Dutchess is old, but she finds joy in life, all the time.  I envy that, and I'm going to try to be more like Dutchess, to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like play and sleeping. I'm going to make a point of doing the things that Dutchess does that make her happy.

Although I draw the line at sniffing your pockets, drinking from the toilet, licking my butt and eating rabbit poop.  Maybe that's not a good idea.    Ken