Mothers Day

Today, we celebrate Mothers day, and I was told what we are doing this morning.  Elaine told me last night she wants to go out for breakfast and I said, "You know they stop serving breakfast at 11 o'clock and that means that you need to get up before then."  "Waffle House is OK with me," so we are heading to Waffle House this morning.  Elaine does like to sleep in, but today, she is making that sacrifice to get up and head out early.  Mothers day was always special in my young years.  My sister always picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our yard for Mom, and I usually got her a bunch of dandelions, but she always seemed to love them.  

They didn't last too long
But did you know that the second Saturday in May is National Dog Mom’s Day and it sends out a chorus of yips, barks, and howls of praise for all the dog moms!  The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Dog Mom’s Day to be observed the second Saturday of May beginning in 2018.

My dogs are our family members, whether they came into our lives unexpectedly or as carefully planned additions. We adopt them as puppies, adolescents, or fully mature animals with a bit of baggage and yet, we find common ground, a connection and bond like families do. They know our moods, and we know theirs. We care for them, shelter them and share an immeasurable loyalty with them.

Molly and her Pups
National Dog Mom’s Day recognizes the bond women share with their fur kids. When they humor us, charm us or even when they are naughty, they are like any other child to us, and each of our children is different.  “Our pups may not surprise us with breakfast in bed or a handmade macaroni noodle card, but instead we wake up to a lovable dog jumping to greet us with sloppy puppy kisses. But we don’t care because our hearts are so full of love for these fur-kids!” – Hilarious Hound.  Raising a puppy or welcoming a rescue into your home is no small task. It’s hard work. It takes dedication and consistency to raise them. Our furchildren quickly give a whole new meaning to unconditional love, and dog moms give that love right back to them every single day.

While you get ready to celebrate Mothers Day this year whether, it's in person or thought, remember the good times and speak lovingly of the person who cared for you and always want the best for you.  I know I will.

Dutchess and her Pups
Dutchess is ready to pack up in the car and head out to Waffle House for a Pecan Waffle and a tall glass of milk, and she even rolled in poop so she would smell good for everyone.  She likes the booth best because she can lay down when she gets full.  

Remember May 9, 2020, is NATIONAL DOG MOM’S DAY, mark your calendars, Dutchess already has...   Ken