In August of 2015, I got an urgent call,  someone found a dog and made a desperate call to the national “Blind Dog Rescue Alliance” who contacted a Border Collie Rescue in New York who contacted a friend who contacted me with the following message…  We need help!

A dog has several issues described from the caretaker to the rescues, he was;
Abandoned in a neighborhood
Fell off a retaining wall into a yard and was injured
He was terrified and ended up running into the brick wall
Front paws look torn open
May have been beaten
He is limping
His fur is matted
No shots or Heartworm medication
They are desperate
He is not housebroken, or leash trained
Please help we are hoping for rescue, we cannot keep him
but and he is Blind

“He is very sweet” was the last comment from the caretaker who found him, and he was hurt from falling off a retaining wall nearly six feet off the ground.  The person who found him also contacted their local Vet for help and to see if anyone recognized him and reached out to everyone, but no one came forward.  Once I got the caretakers contact, I sent an email to inquire about him to see if we could help.

If I have learned anything about finding good homes for dogs, it can be tough at times and nearly impossible to find that right home even for the perfect dog.  “Do I want to get into this,” I thought and “am I going to have another dog?”  I knew from the get-go that this was a hard one, probably impossible and I did have doubts and concerns, but this guy need help.
A date was set for him to be transported to a Veterinary in Louisville for his shots/tests and surgery.   I drove to Louisville and met the caretaker and Rocky at the Vets office.  The family was wonderful and had their children with them who were very fond of Rocky and I noticed a few tears from the kids during their last goodbye.  

He is a beautiful dog, perfectly marked for a border collie but he was very nervous and scared.  “Can I help him?” I said under my breath as I looked at this broken, handicapped and scared dog.  Because he was blind and he needed to go to the surgery prep area, I picked him up, held him close but noticed he leaned his head into my chest for comfort as we walked to the surgery area.  Atert the surgery, I drove back to Indiana thinking about the problems that may arise, the biggest one that came to mind… Where will he live?
That night I added a post to my Facebook page hoping for just one inquiry, someone who could care for him, love him and give him a chance to live but also help him see through his blind eyes.  His outlook was dreary at best.  The next morning, I went to the computer and punched up my Facebook account hoping for one inquiry but expected nothing.  Our Facebook was on fire, I had nearly thirty-five thousand “likes” and “shares” something I have never seen.  Hundreds of messages were sent, even to my Gmail account, but why?  After starting to read them, they were inquiries about Rocky, people wanted him!  After answering what I could, I started making a list of people who I checked out that seemed like a good match.  I was very upfront about his disability because he needed a loving/caring and knowledgeable home who understood about blindness and how to care for him and this still might be hard.

A family was looking for a second dog to be a companion for their senior dog and had planned to pick up the dog at the farm, but on the very day the wife was involved in an automobile accident and plans were drastically changed and put on hold. After she recouped for what seemed like a long time, she saw a notice about an available dog on our Facebook page.   I tried to stress the trials and potential problems of having a dog with these special needs.  She explained to me that she worked with children and adults that are blind and work with service dogs.  “Why wouldn’t I want a blind dog?”  Rocky was cleared to go to his new home that next Saturday.

Nilla And Rocky meet again at the Rainbow Bridge
Rocky was the joy of their life and traveled in the front seat of their Motor Home and was not now scared to move, and he has developed into a confident dog that is truly happy with his companions.

Rocky, Guinness, and Bear, this was their last trip together
Several days ago, I received this; “Say a prayer for Rocky, he isn’t doing well. It’s hard that we aren’t home, but I’m glad we are all together and my Mom is with us. Hoping and praying he will come out of it overnight but suspect he is slipping away.”  Later that night Rocky and Nilla were reunited and are running pain-free. Guinness and Bear are going to miss their brother greatly.

Rocky was a bling dog that had countless health and physical issues and overcame all of them with the help of his human parents and Bear who is another blind dog along with Guinness all from Clancy’s Dream.  He was a great Motor Home companion and always traveled with them to far away places.  This particular trip was Bear first one with the crew and Rocky’s last one.  He was cremated in Gulf Shores, Alabama and brought home and will be buried on their farm, forever with them.

Rocky took "His" spot in the Motor Home for his final journey back home.

From my point of view, you have to wonder how all the pieces are put together to make so many complicated issues so simple.  Look at all the obstacles that were involved with Rocky, but because love, attention, and companionship overpowered the bad, Rocky, Bear, and Guinness have lived and are living a wonderful life.  Don’t think we are in control; higher powers are always at play and the love for each other and our pets can overcome many obstacles, if we would just listen,   Unbeknownst to me, Clancy's Dream was already in the works a year before Clancy died...  Ken

“With great love comes great heartbreak.”  Katie and Brian Crawford
Rest in Peace Rocky. 3-17-2019

After Rocky had passed, I contacted the caretaker who found him years ago and told her the news.

"Thank you so much for finding him the best home! Also, thank you for letting me know about him! I was just telling a lady I work with about him last week & have been wanting to reach out to you to see how he’s doing. It’s sad that he died, but so heartwarming to know that he had a great life for the past couple of years!!! I very much appreciate all you’ve done!!!"

More from the owners;

“One of Brian’s favorite stories about Rocky occurred shortly after we got him. Our senior dog Nilla loved to bark at UPS/FedEx drivers but knew he wasn’t allowed to in the house. One day we heard him and another dog barking outside. Rocky hadn’t yet barked in the time we had him.  We went to look - Nilla was barking through the fence at the truck and Rocky was standing near him facing the wrong way barking right along.

When we first got Rocky, he was scared of every new voice and would cower behind us with his tail tucked. Even voices on the television startled him. Over time he just blossomed and would let everyone love on him. He felt at home at our house, at Nana’s and in the RV meeting many new people through our travels. Little kids were drawn to him and he was so gentle when he let them pet him or walk him.

Rocky was Brian’s constant companion as he healed from a workplace injury and subsequent surgeries.   Rocky fought hard through pain with teeth that needed to be removed, a cyst on his hip that needed removing and the resulting wound that took a while to heal, knees that easily dislocated, arthritis and battling Ehrlichia twice. Through all of that, he was never snippy or whiny. He just kept trying and letting us help him.”