Eating Crow...

Many times a day, I see those eyes that say “I don’t like that.”  It’s always the same, but it continuously appears when a new rescue dog comes around for a day or so before it goes to it’s its foster.  Let’s imagine what’s going in their mind.
“Who is this, I hope the new dog doesn't think they are going to get any food, it’s all mine!” Dutchess said with a big scowl.

“Oh No, No.  Those dogs are not going to chase me out of my spot on my bed, it’s mine.” Whiskey perked up.

“”No way Jose, no one is going to take my place on the bed, I was there first and I ain’t moving,”  Gabbey shouted.

“I’m not going to play ball with them, not enough balls in the world for that, I’m not going to do it,”  Shepp stated.

Doc raised his head and, cocked his ear and listened to what was said because he was in the worst shape of any dog that came here and he knew how bad it was, he wasn't saying anything.

The Shepherds were laying together, both sat up and said, “you Border Collies play all day, running, fetching and turning circles and what is this thing about tennis balls and Frisbees.  We are the true workers, we guard the house and keep the squirrels in the trees but we voted, and us Shepherds don’t want any new dogs to take our real jobs, we have purpose.”

Annie and Meg sat quietly and listened to what was being said and hung there head.  I looked at them and noticed they seemed uncomfortable.  Both of them were licking their lips and had averted their eyes, and I knew I had to say something. 

“Really,” I said, “I’m sorry some of you are bothered, you know we help people and dogs that need help and comfort.  Some of the dogs are in pretty bad shape, or they were turned into a shelter, they didn’t have any hope left.”

“That’s not our problem,” some of the dogs said, “this is our home, but we have to share everything, our food, shacks, and even your attention.  The couch is only so big, and we can’t get to you when you have one of THOSE dogs in your lap.”  “REALLY,” I said again “and what do you mean by THOSE dogs.  They have fur, 4 legs, and a tail and even bark like you, they look like you.  It’s you that looks different now,” I said.  “What do you mean,” they said.  “I remember the first day when all of you came to me, you were scared, lost and hungry and nearly all of you had no one who wanted you.  If you remember everyone who spoke up were rescued from some situation that was unpleasant and I took each one of you into my home, lap, and bed and gave you everything you needed AND wanted.  Meggie and Annie are the only rightful dogs that really belong here, and I assure you, the couch is big enough for those two. 

Every head bowed, and sad eyes were everywhere as they looked at each other and suddenly remember there past.  “We’re sorry, if it’s wasn’t for people who rescue unwanted dogs, where would they be, where would WE be if you didn’t open your house and heart up to us?  We promise to be better and help make the new dogs feel welcome, and when they go to there new home, we’ll know that a part of us went with them too, that makes me feel good."  

Everyone is responsible for helping and having a purpose and our purpose is to help, and as I’ve always said, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem and sometimes we forget where we came from because we're wrapped up with today.  I told the dogs that when you're wrong, eating crow is not very tasty and Dutchess piped up and said: “I bet if you put a little gravy on it, it will be pretty good.”   DUTCHESS…  Ken