All Quite…

Friday night Elaine was working late putting up Christmas decorations at her work, and I was on dog duty.  Knowing that I was to fend for myself, I planned for a nice dinner of Orange Chicken and homemade fried rice.  The dogs and I went for a long walk in the crisp air, and they got some of the zoomies out before my gourmet meal.

After dinner, we settled down to some quiet time, and I read and watched a little Television.  Everyone settled into their special place, and some spaces is first come first serve arrangements.  Whiskey is always quick to claim her spot and can outsmart everyone.  She looks at me, and as soon as I make eye contact, she circles around all the others and run along the top of the couch and leaps into my lap.

Once the spots fill up, everyone settles in for a long nap until you pull out your snack.  This is the critical part.  After you decide to settle into a relaxing evening, you must plan ahead.  This night, Elaine was not home, and I did not have anyone to fetch and tote for me.  I had to plan my evening because I couldn’t get up.  As a general rule, I have Whiskey of Dutchess in my lap, JoJo’s head on my leg with Meggie, Gabby, and Annie sleeping on the rest of the couch but this changes daily.

Note… do not forget this.  Before you settle in, make sure that you go to the bathroom and by all means get your drink and snacks together because you can’t get up.  Now if Elaine is home, she is great at keeping me supplied me with my provisions.  I had to get a bigger glass along with a large bowl of shacks. 

The reason for this is when the dogs are settled in, you don’t want to disturb them when they are so comfortable.  This is our wind-down-time, and it’s heaven for all of us.  There is nothing better than seeing them so content that they totally trust you and there is peace in the there world and yours too.  If you can get by the puppy stage, this is what it’s all about.

They make a point to find a place to lay down, but the most sought-after location is when I settle into the recliner.  They will look at me with there soulful eyes and as soon as I say “come up,” they will climb into my lap where they sleep for hours in-between my legs as I rub their head, they dream of younger days, occasionally licking my hand with gratitude.  As I rub there face, as I do with each one, I too think of the younger times that we all have shared with each other and the life bridges we have crossed.  

We’ve seen the good and bad in each other, but we also know we are family and love and respect each other.  As I rub their faces and stroke their fur, I too remember the days when they all had the zoomies, wiggling, running, twisting and barking.  I do know that they have “slowed down” and there is not a better place than in my lap as we both drift off to dreamland.  And then off to my bed.  Ken