It's going to rain...

Just when life gets comfortable, and it mellows out, you look at your dog and see a storm on the horizon.  The clouds drift in, and you don’t notice it, but they build until it finally downpours. 

I saw a photo about a Border Collie named Sadie on social media that went to the Rainbow Bridge because of Cancer, the same kind Abbie had.  The family had gathered to celebrate her life and what she meant to all of them when she passed.  It was a very touching photograph, and I immediately thought about our situation here at the farm.  When you get your new dog, old age is the last thing on your mind, but they get old.    This isn’t always the case as for Clancy and Abbie, but most of the time, it is inevitable, and they change, and you don’t notice.

"When we placed our hands on her heart I just wanted the love we had for her
to radiate through her. She was a special girl."  From Sadie's owner.
As I look at Dutchess, I see this several times the day.  You, fortunately, don’t see her age is creeping up because you remember what she looks like from early photos, but I see daily changes at times and if you don’t see it with your dog, believe me, it’s there, it's always the first touch of gray.

Dutchie Doo, my Dutchess...
One thing we can do is to prepare our dog for that time, not physically but mentally.  While I’m sure that we all take physical care of our loved ones, do we take care of their minds?  Look at it from their point of view.  They exist for us, and they are part of our family.  With 9 dogs, I see things differently than most people because the dogs all want the same thing and that’s acceptance from me.  

Abbie Dabby Doo
It’s not unusual for the dogs to all circle around me for their ear scratches and belly rubs.  I always acknowledge them one by one, and they seem in heaven.  Just a touch from me brightens their world just like when they come to greet or comfort me.  I would suspect most of you do, but we have had dogs come into the foundation that rarely had any contact beyond their limited space... I saw a placard a week ago that said, “5 things you can’t recover in life.”  I thought about this and wondered how that could apply that to a dog’s life.

I look at my dogs, and they seem so needy, but all they really want is for me to share my life and love them.  Here is my version of the 5 things you can’t recover when they are gone.

5 things you can’t recover when our dog is gone.

Those eyes that want more and you brushed them off
Not walking them when it’s raining or too cold, they don’t care
Showing them, you loved them when you pushed them away
Not giving your time for them
When they stand at your feet and walk away

Dutchess is getting old, she still always gets into mischief and will usually just watch the other dogs play.  I guess she is now the coach from the sidelines.   Make there life as full as we can and remember to love them to the end, you are all they have.  Run Free Sadie...Ken

Note about Sadie from her owners...

Sadie had gone to the Rainbow Bridge, the last goodbye
"Her name was Sadie and she was perfect. We got her as a puppy and she won our hearts the moment we laid eyes on her. She was easily trained and loved to play frisbee. She loved people and always lit any room up that she was in. She demanded play but used her manners when she was told no thank you. She lived a healthy happy life until being diagnosed with lymphoma in May of this year. We gave it our all and so did she enduring a four-month chemo protocol. She fought until the very last day. Her mind and soul was there but her body could not keep up. Her soulful eyes watched us everywhere we went. She will be furever missed and has been extremely hard to accept that she is really gone."