I should have done that...

I should have done that years ago…  I don’t like change at all.  But things have changed around here, and I am surprised and bewildered at the same time.  I have finally done it, I have finally moved to the modern age.  I purchased 3 new toys in the last few months, and everything seems to be going well so far.

When I was a kid, things were different in my world.  While in my mind, I’m only 18 years old and I like to think my body is too.  We took Sunday drives every weekend to visit family and have a casual drive and would visit family.  Being someone who had undiagnosed OCD I’m sure, it wasn’t easy for me to sit still in the back of the car.  I once pulled all the hair off of my sisters Tiny Tears doll and bit her nose off laughing the whole time, and once during a Sunday car trip, I threw Tiny Tears out the car window.  Many miles later, my sister told on me, and I didn’t care, it was worth it, and my dad turned the car around and found it, wasn’t a pretty bad day for me after that.

My sisters was minus the hair
I never liked when something would change.  Computer programs and even the grocery store do.  Sam’s Cub is the worst, they seem to change every week.  Being the grocery shopper, I visit them at least once each week.  Love the store hate the weekly changes.  Why can’t they just leave it alone and I have expressed my dismay to the manager, with no results

Something I didn’t think I would ever do is get an iPhone.  Most everyone had one, and I just wouldn’t do it.  Why I thought and until the first of April, I didn’t have one, but now I am a proud owner of one.  It’s not the newest model, but it’s pretty good, and I like it.  I’ve made countless mistakes and phoned people and not know it.  Once, I’ve even “Facetimed” people by mistake, and that was a hoot.

My next project was my new Fitbit… life changer.  Now it’s a race for me to see how many steps I can get even try to challenge myself on how many stairs I can climb.  The good part is on our farm some of my hiking paths have hills, and I usually take those trails when I want to increase my workout.  So far, I’ve done pretty well.

My next project was a GoPro.  Long gone are the days of a video recorder that you carry on your shoulder and I did have one of them, and it was like carrying a suitcase around.  Now I take a camera the size of a cracker on a short stick.  Who thinks this stuff up.

Not telling my age… but when I was a kid, a calculator was not invented.  If you wanted to add or subtract something, you did it wit, a pencil, and paper.  If you had a mathematical project, you used a protractor and slide rule, and I bet they don’t even sell those any longer.  I guess you can say I’ve joined the real world.

Today you can do everything with your phone.  I am shocked at what they can do and don’t want to know all of the other things because I think my brain will explode.  When we were on a Cruise in April, right after I got my phone, I got a test that Molly was not acting right.  Trying to explain things to each other didn’t work too well.  In just a few minutes after our last message, my phone made a funny beeping sound, and a screen popped up, and it was Molly and the dog sitter.  MY God, where does this stuff come from I said to Elaine?  We “Facetimed” for several minutes about Molly and we were like kids talking to her, and she perked up recognized us.  Amazing what this stuff does.

Coming from a simple person from the stone age and while the stuff it’s cool, it can be challenging for me to make it all work.  If it weren’t for youtube, I would be lost.  It’s the simple stuff that gets me.  Just last night, I could not figure one simple thing, and I just wanted to know how to turn the GoPro on.  As God is my witness, how can it be complicated to turn something on when it only has two buttons…  Ken