Times have certainly changed…

One of the hardest things on the farm is to schedule our vacation.  It is so easy to pick up and leave when you don’t have dogs, and at times I envy that.  We love to travel and have been to all fifty states and camped in most of them and visited many other countries.  If we didn’t have obligations at home, chances are, we would travel six months out of the year. I love to go but also love our home life with our dogs too.

I sat and pondered what things would be like without the dogs when being home when we returned because I always wonder what they are doing.  Several years ago, I installed cameras around the property.  It wasn't for security, it was to be able to see the “kids” when we are away from home.  On the last several trips, I would pull each camera up just to check.  It always goes like this.  “wonder what the dogs are doing?” one of us would say.  “Let’s see” I would answer.  We have even done a  "Face Time" with the dogs and our phones.

The anticipation would grow. “Oh look, they are so cute.” With nothing going on because they are sleeping on the porch and you would say there name as you panned the camera. It was a great relief because you always wonder…   Years ago, it was a challenge because of the differences that Molly and Dutchess.  Being compelling females, they would tussle with each because of their competitiveness, and I could envision that when we were gone, and luckily it never happen because we would always find a vacation spot for Dutchess.  She would stay with our neighbor who also had dogs that love to play in the water and Dutchess had her vacation too.

Abbie and Clancy went on this Vacation several years ago.
It always the same as we are pulling away, I turned to Elaine and said, "wonder what the dogs are doing."  We always look at each other, and a sign of panic comes across our faces, and then we snicker and say, "Oh, they're all right."  But if you have ever left your dog for vacation, you do worry about them, because no one can watch or love them as much as you can but we have been very blessed with our dog sitters.

This year it was a little easier because Molly and Abbie left us this spring.  It was a little quieter because Abbie, of course, was the “action” dog and always would turn things up in a good way, sometimes.  It was nice seeing them on camera even if they were sleeping on the porch and it always made us feel good just to “see” them.

The best part about vacation is not only ae you refreshed, but getting home to the dogs and the greetings and you know you were missed.

Usually, they will meet us at the gate when they hear us, but this year, they were with the sitters sleeping peacefully on their dog beds.  When they did hear us, they ran to us barking and jumping and of course JoJo would talk a conversation in her “dog talk.”  All was good, and everyone was happy to see each other, but “times have undoubtedly changed.  Ken