A Dog's Purpose - Part 2

Several years ago, Elaine and I saw a great movie "A Dog’s Purpose." after Clancy died.   As we left the movie, I try to look at the ceiling and floor but not at anyone.  I tried to put on a brave face, but couldn’t because it hit close to home, very close.  Elaine was crying as we walked to the car and I just couldn’t understand what was so wrong.  Through chopped words, she said to me after composing herself and said.  “I’m too old to see Clancy again, and he won’t come back to me, but to somebody else.” 

A lot of water has passed under that bridge since Clancy passed away and we saw the movie.  Since then, Clancy’s Dream has grown, and things have changed, but a lot of things are still the same.  I always get misty eyed and choke up when I mention his name or tell his story, the love is still here and always will be.

Our purpose, as well as Clancy’s purpose, has changed too.  From the “boss-dog” of the farm, Clancy went from the leader of the pack to the leader of the foundation he inspired.  Many times when  things come together for a rescue dog and a happy ending for a hopeless situation, for no reason or explanation, someone will say, “ you know Clancy had his hand in this.” In my heart even though I think it would be impossible, I do believe it because there is no other explanation and his spirit may be responsible.

Things have grown as to where we save the unsavable, heal the unhealable and love the unloved.  Is this us working hard or a driving force we can’t explain?  When we needed money for a very expensive operation on a dog that was destined to doom and death, money was raised in less than 24 hours, and the excess that was collected will save other dogs.

I now know why Elaine was so upset after the movie, as the dog in the film moved through the lives of his various owners, he helped many people, always at the end of his life.  Clancy came into our life after our first Border Collie was killed very unexpectedly and tragically.  When we went looking for a new Border Collie and picked one out, that one was taken, and only Clancy was left, little did I know that our life and the lives of many Border Collies would change along with the people he touched.  Why did that happen?

It rained so hard, we had to wear raingear in our tent.
Last week several board members represented Clancy’s Dream Inc. at the Scottish Festival in our state.  At first, we were not able to have a Raffel because I didn't know the state law and we needed a permit which takes up to 4 weeks.  Calling and talking to the lady in charge and telling her our plight I got this response,  "I can do this today" and at 10:30 that very evening two days before the event, it appeared in my email when she finished it at home.  Because of the rain, we could not fully set up our displays.  For the entire Saturday, it rained nonstop, and we received nearly 4 inches of rain on that day.  Late that evening, we moved to an inside shelter and set our booth up.  Because we had more room inside, we used things that we would not have used because of the lack of space to lay out our goods. The weekend was a bust, or so we thought. 

"The" fabric
A large piece of Border Collie Fabric was sent to us several years ago from a beautiful person in New Your state, stating "use it as you want."  We did use it as a tablecloth at the festival where an acquaintance of ours saw it.  She lived in another state and asked about it when she saw it on our social media page.  When she shared her request and motive, I was moved to tears because once again, his spirit moved.  The fabric has now been sent to a group of loving ladies that makes clothing for school children in Africa.  Not only will it be made into dresses for the girls, but it will also be made into shorts for the boys and kids hospital gowns as well.  Who would think that "our" Clancy was responsible for needy children in Africa?  Not only did Clancy help orphan children, but we also made enough money from our raffle to save several other dogs. The weekend wasn't a bust, it was a miracle again.

Somewhere, someone will receive a nudge or a lick from a dog and not understand why.  It may be something you may not be able to comprehend or understand at that particular moment.   Be patient with this dog and take the love and kindness that comes from him, but look into his eyes and see his soul, especially through "those" eyes, that will pierce your heart as they did with us.  Delight in the love and licks on your leg and know you will love him, as we did.  You can’t envision the ride you will have if you choose his path.  If you fortunate enough to meet him, we now share a universal love, and please give our Clancy a hug because he is now yours until he will move on to another deserving soul who needs a nudge.  He now has another purpose with you, and someday, you will understand, but look into those eyes and listen to his spirit…  

Through the tears and concerns that Elaine had that she would never see Clancy again,  I tell you, she sees him every day through the dogs he sends our way that we save and love and start his circle of life again... Ken

For more information about the non-profit organization Sew Blessed Kentuckiana and helping children, check them out.  If you would like to donate, sew or be part of a wonderful group of people contact Peg Weedman at the above link.
From one of the members... 
"Notice no two dresses are made alike. It’s Because children in Africa can’t go to school if they don’t have a uniform. Most uniforms cost between 15-50 dollars. If a girl is lucky enough to have one, most of the time that is the ONLY article if clothing she has. Wears it 24/7. And she looks like everyone else. So, if I want to give you the gift of a dress, I want it to be UNIQUELY YOURS. I want you to know you are WORTHY to have your own dress."