A Broken Heart…

Because of the rescue work we are involved in with Clancy’s Dream, I get tagged many times during the day because of people forwarding information about Border Collies, and at times it’s pretty urgent because of kill shelters, and this has been a hectic week in the rescue world with happy endings.

One post I received was a plea for help because the Border Collie is not doing very well in a 3 X 5 enclosed kennel.  While this is very bad for any dog because they aren’t allowed to go outside for potty breaks or see the sky, it can be devastating for a Border Collie that is active, and it requires quick decisions and quick actions on our part.  I can’t imagine any dog confined to such a small space 24 hours a day for any length of time. 
Any love given will return 100 times over.
As I look down and see 9 of my dogs laying in every position on anything they want to be on, it pains me to think about it a Border Collie that is confined 24 hours.  I also received a story titled “Dog Dropped At Shelter Is So Sad His Family Doesn't Want Him Anymore,” and as you may know, it was a Border Collie. 

An excerpt from the story reads;
Hunter thought he had a forever home with people who would love him for a lifetime. Sadly, he was wrong.  Last week, the 6-year-old pup was surrendered to the Houston Humane Society in Texas. Hunter's former owners told staffers there that he wasn't getting along with their new puppy, so they'd decided they didn't want him anymore.  No one explained that to Hunter, of course, but it soon became clear that he'd gotten the message.
"When I walked up to the kennel, at first I didn’t even see a dog in there, until I looked in the corner. I saw him frozen in fear, trying to make himself invisible."  "I immediately sat on the floor, turned away from him, waiting for him to come to me. After a few minutes he cautiously approached me, Hunter then broke down.  “Ever wonder what a broken heart looks like? Well there you have it."
PUBLISHED ON 08/08/2018

Unfortunately, in the rescue world, you see many broken hearts from both sides, something you never get used to.  But there are happy endings when you make that right match and make the dog happy along with a new family, very happy to have a dog back in their life.

Just this week, we are taking 3 more Border Collies into Clancy’s Dream, and if it wasn’t for the support, both spiritually and monetarily, we couldn’t do it.  Just tonight, as I was brushing Bandit who came in today, he relaxed in my arms and probably for the first time in his life, he was brushed.  Border Collies and all dogs are not always given a chance and there will never be a perfect dog, just like their will never be a perfect person but we try and make it work, and in the end, life is better for all of us, even the dogs we can save. 

Please help in any you can, not necessarily with money.  I know people who help by volunteering at their local shelter just by visiting and routinely walking the dogs that never see daylight in the grass where they can then smell something more than the disinfectant that is used to clean the kennel.  While some may think this not noble, I assure you it’s everything to the dog.  Ken