You Silly Girl…

If I have said it once, I’ve said it thousand times.  “We’re not getting another dog.”  I should have known that eating crow can choke you and leave a bad taste in your mouth and it did because I ate those words.

Many dogs have come through our foundation, and nearly every one of them was a keeper.  That’s how I would always judge a dog, is it one that I would keep?  When we have rehomed a dog, and I often state to the new owner, “I would keep him,” and I actually would have.  Now Elaine would keep all of them, and my comeback to her was always the same. “if we keep them, we won’t have room for another one that needs help.”  Well… that’s where I was served the crow…

JoJo came to us a couple of months ago.  She was very loved and spoiled and had great dog parents.  They also have her brother Jett, and he is a stunning and a majestic dog but several large dogs playing and running through the house is a bit much.  We kept them when they were 14 weeks old, and I fell in love with both of them.  When something needs to be done to halt the bedlam, I was contacted.  Needless to say, JoJo first came to visit and then to live, and I was thrilled, to say the least.
JoJo and Jett, on their first visit to the farm, they were about a few months old.

Jett, JoJo's brother.
Nearly 20 years ago, when we moved to Dogwood Ridge, we looked for a dog.  We both wanted a German Shepherd and looked in the newspaper.  There was minimal internet availability then, and we watched the paper.  Only one was listed for weeks, and we couldn’t afford the $600 they wanted so we got Max from the “Free to a good home” section in the same paper.  Max was a Border Collie, and we loved him so, and it was him who started Shuck’s Border Collies, and you know the rest of the story.
JoJo settled in very nicely, as she had visited here before with her brother, so she knew the lay of the land so to speak.  It was like putting a pre-schooler in with a room full of senior citizens with my dogs.  The older dogs want to rest and watch TV, and the child wants to run in circles which is about the same here.

She is so comical, she flops around on my desk, slapping my keyboard when she visits which is every time I come to my office.  She lays under my desk, popping her head up to get her ears rubbed between my legs and then going back to sleep until her ears need scratching again.  
JoJo's spot on my bed
Sleeping… you ask, she sleeps next to me putting her head on my pillow right next to my nose which leads to a few nose kisses during the night.  I have taught her tricks, she can eat from my fork and will even take food from my mouth which leads to her making a visit when I’m eating, and I have taught to jump up on me.  While this is unacceptable to some, I think it’s endearing.  Just today as she greeted me, she jumped up, putting her paws around my neck and licking my nose.

I guess the just of this story is that time has no time.  We moved on to the world of Border Collies when we couldn’t find a GSD, and it was a fantastic ride that has helped many dogs through Clancy’s Dream, it was meant to be, and we loved it.  We don’t always understand why things happen, but I’ve always thought it was like throwing a rock in a calm pond.  It makes a splash, and the ripples travel, getting smaller but not going away.  If you really watch them, they hit the shore and return back to you, just like life at times.  


Jett and JoJo have visited each other and it's fun to watch them play and run together during a play day and they pick up running, playing and play fighting.

Dogs are different than any other animal on the face of this earth, and I can’t think of any other animal that can connect with us.   Remember what you ask for because it may come to pass.  Twenty years ago, I would never have thought we would have two well behaved GSD that fit in with our pack.  I guess I’ll play the Lottery…  Ken