It’s Snowing – It’s SNOWING…

Are you ready for it?  For the last week, it’s been raining, and that stinks when you have active dogs.  Mine are good as gold inside, but I always worry about bathroom breaks and I don’t want a mess.  Luckily they can hold it forever, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to go outside when it’s pouring down rain like cats and dogs, and neither do I.  But for the last several days, it's been snowing, Yea...

Snow has always been a big thing here at the farm with the dogs, they love it, and it never seems too cold for them.  They even get in the lake if there is no ice on top just to get a drink and I’ve seen water freeze that isn’t shaken off, but they could care less. 
Last year was such a bummer because we only got just a dusting of snow, no measurable amount and they all had grimaced with sad eyes on their faces, but Dutchess was the worse.

Do you have another Jolly Ball?
Eight to 12 inches is best for a good workout and for playing, but anything deeper is just too much, even for me.  The deepest we ever had was about eight years ago, and we had 23 full inches and it was hard to walk in, even a few feet and snowshoes were in order.

The toy of the day is not a tennis ball or Frisbee but a Jolly Ball.  It’s easy to carry and easy to see in the deep snow.  As the snow fell, the dogs watched out the window and doors and twirled and pawed at the door wanting to go out.  Dutchess, as always would bark telling me it’s getting deeper.

On social networks I follow, I have seen a question asked several times before.  What are the little snowballs in their fir and where do they come from?  I've seen it before, and it's kinda cute, but they need to be brushed out or thawed out, but it's never been a problem here.

The kids love the snow as most of our dogs do.  It's lots of fun and great exercise, and when they run, they always get a good work out.  My only problem is I keep them away from the lakes just to make sure we don't have another problem.  Dutchess always wants Hot Chocolate when we come in, go figure...   Ken