A letter I got…

Two years ago, we got this letter and while it breaks your heart, it is so true and common.  This very day, another dog will be traveling to his new home and while everyone who met him wanted to keep him including Elaine, he has a wonderful home waiting for him.  I will never understand how this happens but grateful there are people who will jump in and help to save another.  

“Melody Reese referred me to you. We found a border collie in an abandoned area and brought him home a few weeks ago, and we have tried everything to find out who he belongs to. The animal control gentlemen said where He was found is a hot spot for dumping animals. He was pretty skinny. You could feel his backbones and tail bones. He seems to get along great with other dogs and just wants to be petted, loved, and played with all the time. He gets along with our 3 dogs great. Our 3rd dog is a male and doesn't like him for being a male, but this dog still tries to win him over. We were told by Melody you have a rescue that would take amazing care of him. We don't want him to end up on the streets again and want him to have a great home. Here he has to be separated because of my boyfriend's male Labrador. We also worry, because we live off a road that is 55mph and he will try to run around to check everything out, and we're scared he'll get hit. From what Melody said, you are located in Indiana. If you are able to take him, I will do my best to figure out a way to get him up there. We just really want him to have a great home where he can run around and have so much love.  Thanks”

 We got this message last week, and at first, I check our foster rescues homes to see what is available because we are full and it might not work.  Luckily, our rescue dogs are scheduled to go home to their new homes as soon as we can coordinate their transportation, and this might work. 

Sadly this is not the first letter we received that has similar wording.  Scared, fearful, hurt, cold infected and even euthanasia are words that are common in the correspondences we see.  Always fearful of what we may get into, not of the dog but because of “what will we do if we can’t find a home” is always lurking in the shadow.  The last time it was mentioned, a friend of our organization that has a large rescue organization has 17 Border Collies that are unadoptable and live on their farm, and with my 9 dogs, it would make it challenging to keep others.
Just when you feel the concern running through your mind, you get that email or call.  “We lost our Border Collie and are looking for another.”  After explaining what and where we are at, including our current situation, they are interested if everything works out.  This has happened many times, and I have even written several blogs about the “miracles” that have happened.

When Elaine got home and “the dog with no name” jumped out, I was shocked… She had prepared a pallet in the back for him to ride comfortably on but when she pulled up to the garage, he was riding in the front seat and smiling.  I ask how he did she responded “beautifully”  He wanted to be near her, pawing her arm and trying to get as close to her as possible.  He was starved for love and attention and just wanted a normal life as we all do.

Last night, we headed out to the trails in our woods to walk off any urges that they may need to take to get ready for bed.  We had a full moon, and it was spiritual to see the splendor of the Creator in all of his glory.   As “the dog with no name” went with us, his tail was wagging, and his coat was shining in the moonlight and was happy.  He literally would prance and jump with joy, as he ran with the other dogs.  He was happy and safe and had a home even if it is temporary with a bed waiting for him that very night and no more abandonment, hunger or cold.  In the weeks he was abandoned, where did he get his food, water and where did he sleep, God knows and the very sad part, there was a second dog that would not come close to his saviors after many attempts and has vanished, hopefully, he's safe.

The postscript to this story is a potential new family that lost their Border Collie several weeks ago is traveling today to meet “the dog with no name, ” and a match in heaven may be made.  This morning I got up to this message from the savior who helped him find his salvation… and I'm sure he will have a name soon.

“Aww, I'm so glad he made it there. Did he do good on the car ride? I know he was whining a little bit when I put him in your wife's car. I felt bad because we had kind of gotten a little attached to him in the 3wks. But we also know he will have a better happier future where he's never abandoned again.”  
Thank you, everyone, you saved another…   Ken