Heaven Again...

Ranger has come to visit us for the last six years or so.  His dog parents are personal friends of ours, and they too will stay with us for some getaway time.  We make trips to Nashville, Indiana and socialize, eat fabulous meals and buying goodies and things for Christmas presents in their specialty shops.  It is always an enjoyable trip for all of us and especially their dog “Ranger.”  He is a spunky dog with lots of energy and loves to play Frisbee which is daily in their house and when they are here at the farm visiting he gets to swim too

Ranger is an offspring of Meggie, and he looks nothing like her except the pricked ears that, at times point straight up in the air.  When the parents of Ranger went on a trip, we agreed to dog-sit for them, and he was a hoot, getting into everything but was always wet and full of energy, keeping everyone on their toes.  The best part of that week was when they came back.  Rangers owners bought me a very nice burglary T-shirt as a souvenir that reads “You had me at woof.”   I love that shirt, and even though it’s been here for several years, it’s only worn on special occasions.  Never when I have something to eat, because I have ruined several shirts from stains, but not this one.

Ranger is very photogenic, and I have thousands of photos of him playing in the water and catching a Frisbee with our pack.  Ranger is a great dog and is very loved by all and came to visit yesterday.  He is a little calmer and more sure of himself and fits in right nicely, maybe a bit more than usual for some reason.

As we went to the family room last night, he galloped down the stairs to be with the pack and us and gets into his favorite seat.  He sprang up into the chair and curled in a ball but one where he could still watch TV just like someone else I knew.

As I settled into my usual spot on the recliner, Ranger got up and came to me and looked at me, and I patted my legs, up on my lap he came.  After making his nest, he laid down and he was in heaven and so was I.  I have talked to many people about their dog and the things they do or something they are not allowed to do.  At our house, each dog has permission to lay in a chair, sleep in the bed or lay in my lap.  Sometimes there is a waiting list, and if one jumps down, someone will always take their spot, always.

Last night was different, Ranger came to me with his big brown eyes and pricked ears, and I saw something in him I didn’t want to see but did.  I rubbed his head and said “come on big boy, ” and he did.  As I stroked his fur and rubbed his ears, I was taken back to when I would do the same thing to “my big boy.”  I was in heaven again, and sweet-sweet memories flooded my mind.  You see, Rander is the son of Clancy and out of the many pups he sired, Ranger is nearly an exact copy of him in many ways, no-one else comes close.

Clancy and Ranger
I sometimes feel I need to make an apology for writing about Clancy, but sometimes I don’t think I can stop.  Traveling in the world of Facebook, in solace, I see others that feel the same about their dog that passes, and I know why.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or talk to him as I walk down our lane which is next to his grave.  When we took Clancy to assisted living homes, I remember an elderly lady that came to me after our performance and said: “let me tell you about my dogs.”  She spoke for an hour about the black and white Border Collies she had, and I loved every minute of it.  I hung on every word and even shed a tear when she did.  I don’t remember her name but I remember her dogs and her love for them, she was so happy to share, and I was so happy to receive.  Someday, maybe someone will listen to me when I’m in her shoes.

Thank you, Tom and Terri, Ranger is a dream in more ways than you know and last night as he was asleep on my lap and I was stroking his face and rubbing his ears, I was with "my big boy" again…  Ken