His clan goes home…

Dear Ken,

We had been trying to find time to bring the dogs down to see you, but at our end or yours it was not working.
Then the notice came: we had a two-week window to organize flights and shipping.
We could not get down to you in that window and then did not want to tell you because with all of your other things going on we did not want you to worry about how the flight was going, etc.

So: the deed is done. Clancy’s daughter and his grandson are now repatriated to the land of their grandfathers. Catherine & Richard

Xena and Jack
Xena, Clancy’s daughter, and Jack, Clancy’s grandson has moved home to his beginnings…  I know this day was coming and it is with sad reservations on my end.  Jack and Xena were part of our life here on the farm and part of our Indiana Heritage, I always told myself, but I knew different, Clancy was a foreigner here in the United States but made the best of it, doing the things that were instilled in his lineage from over 10 generations.

Little did we know that Clancy’s pups would be moving back “home” near Worcestershire a county in the West Midlands of England.  The place where it all started.  It truly is their home because for the last 10 generations this was where “home” of his family was started.

I will miss Xena and Jack for many reasons.  I am a little jealous that they are able to walk the trails of their relatives and the likes of  Ben, the Scottish British Champion '83/'84, International British Champion '84, Craig, International Sheep Champion -76/-77, International Supreme Champion -77, Welsh National Champion -77.  Roy, International Supreme Champion -1953, International British Champion -1957 and much more, retaking his championship line to 1927 and beyond, all in Scottland and Britain.

Malvern Hills, county of Worcestershire, Western England
Clancy was a newcomer here in the United States having only his parents and Grandparents living here, and the rest is back to the other side of the pond.  Just like his past siblings, like them, he made a difference too, not winning any championships but winning the hearts of everyone he touched and the dogs his spirit will save.

Xena and Jack will be living in the Midlands, near Wales and just over 200 miles from the birthplace of his Great Grandfather and near to all of the generations of the Great Border Collies of his clan.  I am so proud of Xena and Jack to be able to walk the lanes of the Greats.  Good luck lads… 

“Hey… who are you bloke? You remind me of me past.”  “I am Clancy, Great Grandson of Delmar Turk but lived in the States.”  “Crikey, happy to meet you, let me introduce you to my mates, Here’s Ben, Roy, and even my chum Craig and all the others of our clan.”  As Clancy looked in the fields of green Scotish lowlands, he saw the many wildflowers with the fragrant of thyme and the buzzing of bees. He also saw the great many Border Collies that were his past.  Now the likes of Xena and Jack daughter and grandson of  “Clancy the Noble and Righteous.” will walk the earthly paths of the land of the magnificents.  Until we meet again…  I will miss you my bonny lads… Dad