100% sure...

Several weeks ago, Clancy’s Dream was contacted about helping a dog for rehoming.  It was a very unique situation, and my heart hurt for the family who had to make an agonizing decision.   From their email in part;

My husband and I have a beautiful, intelligent and extremely affectionate one-year-old chocolate male border collie. He is a fantastic dog. We've had him for 9 weeks, and we adore him. We've taught him lots of tricks and were planning to use him as a hiking/adventure buddy. However, we are going through some big life changes.  Because of this, we think it would be better to find another home for him. He loves learning and is very smart plus has the infamous border collie energy so we are trying to find him an excellent home where he can get the mental and physical stimulation he deserves.

My mind immediately went back to the time I ‘had” to re-home Shepp and remember the events and day so well.  This is the email that I sent to my dog owners when the decision was made here years ago;

It is with great sadness that I write this email..... Beyond our control, we need to find "Shepard James" or "Shepp" to most of you, a forever home. After much thought and trying every way to make this work, it just won't.  I am not looking for just a home, I am looking for a forever home to love him. If you know me, you also know I am passionate about dogs, and I am even more passionate about my personal dogs.
There has been a lot of thought and discussion at home about this, and it is not an easy decision. The hard decisions never are...I love him too much not to let him live his life in peace.  They always say that if you love something, you'll let it go.  Sheppie, as much as it hurts.   I want you to be everything you deserve, and I know you will.  You'll always have part of my heart.  Run Free little fellow, Run Free...

I remember that day so well.  When the new owner for Shepp came to pick him up, as he was walking to our house, I had to waive him off because I was crying so hard.  Later I watched my “Sheppie” leave, the worst day of my life had just occurred.  The people who are making that same decision and following it through today have agonized over this for months, just like I did.  Because I have been in their shoes and know what is going through and the hurt in their heart, as God is my witness, Clancy’s Dream will do everything in its power to make sure that their dog is well loved and cared for.

The couple was driving a little over three hours to meet us last night but just before they got here, I received their call.  “We are going to give it a few weeks and try to make it work, and I hope you’re not disappointed,”  I said, “I would be disappointed if you weren't 100% sure, of course not.”  Today we are going to talk, and they are committed to making the right choice, what ever it is, it’s about the dog.

It takes work to be a great dog parent, sacrificing your time, money and space.  Clancy’s Dream is not here to just rehome dogs, it’s here to bring help and hope to Border Collies in need, which included their family.  
Good Luck to the dog parents and know that your family was the last thing I thought about last night and the first thing I thought about this morning.  We’re always here to help, in any way we can…  Ken

Note:  Sheppie came back to us 5 years later and is still living with us, things sometimes have a way of working out…