5 Kinds, Maybe 6...

As we all know, Border Collies will think and do more than we know or want.  Just when you have them figured out, they will out-think you, out-smart you and be one step in front of you.  I will tell you, there are degrees of "smarts" in them and some have a "1" on the "10" scale, and some have a "10" score.
Poor Doc, he is the most loving dog that there ever was and will love you to death, licking on you, trying to climb in your lap and making a nuisance of his affection, but I don't mind unless I'm trying to tie my shoes.  He will love you until he knocks you down, literally…

There are basically 5 types of dog personalities according to Linda Cole.
The Confident Dog, Clancy, He was a natural born leader of his pack. He’s a team player and more than ready to take charge of a situation. A confident dog can also be dominant. Training methods with this personality type could cause him to become more willful. This dog feels secure in his surroundings and has a self-assuredness that shows in his body language.  We if you knew Clancy, this fits him to a tee.

The Independent Dog,  Shepp, The independent personality is perfectly happy being away from the crowd. He needs to be given space, and trying to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do will backfire. You can easily lose this dog’s trust and respect if you expose him to heavy handed treatment.

The Laid Back, Happy Dog  Doc, He is always ready to greet everyone he meets, whether he knows them or not. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. Dogs with a happy personality that haven’t been taught basic commands, like sit or down, are apt to get into trouble for jumping up on people when they greet them. This dog can become overly excited, especially around children, and a large dog could scare them.

The Shy/Timid Dog, Meggie, she needs an owner who can give calm, consistent and patient understanding, with a sensitivity to his needs and feelings. A shy dog doesn’t like being in uncomfortable situations or around sudden or loud noises. Yelling and harsh training methods or discipline can cause this type of personality to shut down, and you risk losing his trust. Heavy-handed treatment can push this dog to become more insecure, fearful or aggressive. It’s important to give a shy/timid dog plenty of opportunities to succeed to help boost his self-confidence, and daily exercise to stimulate his mind.

The Adaptable Dog, Annie.  She is eager to please, and the easiest of the five personalities to train. Not as outgoing as the happy personality, this dog gets along well with other dogs, cats, and people. She’s perfectly happy to follow the commands of us, who she sees as his leader. This is an easy to control dog – cooperative, gentle and affectionate – that makes a great family pet. The adaptable personality would be a good candidate as a therapy dog.

Pain in the Butt Dog, this was not mentioned.  Who else but Dutchess could fill this spot  Funny how she doesn't fit in the 5 personalities, but you have to admit, she needs her own.  There is, nor will ever be another Dutchess.  She is literally one of a kind, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad… 

If you own a dog, you know so well that it can change your life depending on the type of dog you have from the above list.  When we first get ours, usually, we don't know their personality or what type of household we may get.  Our "Pain in the Butt" dog, Dutchess has certainly changed our household.  From knocking over the Christmas tree to getting on the table and the list can go on and on and does.  She is the smartest dog I have ever known and Thank God there is only one of her, and I love them all to death...
What kind of personallity does your dog have?