My Vacation… or so I thought

As most are aware, Elaine's Dad went into the hospital for a couple of stents in one of his arteries.  While this is something I know very little about, I do know she has been gone over three weeks, some of it because of complications but things are better with him, and she is due home tomorrow.  At first, I was kinda lost with nothing to do, but after a few days, things got better, and I found I had some freedom that I usually don’t have.  Dutchess pipped up "Ding Dong the witch is"  "DON'T go there"  I said.

The dogs and I settled into our routine and felt comfortable doing what we liked to do.  Breakfast was a little different, the dogs love to eat with us and I would give them a small bite as I am eating but things were special now, we were on our own.  Each dog got a bowl of Cheerios with milk, Dutchess wanted some sugar on hers, but I put my foot down on that one.  The next day, she got Captain Crunch because she likes the Captain and wants his hat, problem solved.  I did notice that this month, our food bill is a little higher because we mostly ate people food and I didn’t have to take them out to the kennel, more time to watch TV and chill. 

We’ve got a few critters in the house because it’s easier to leave the sliding glass door open and I don’t need to get up when the dogs want out.  A raccoon, a turtle, and even a bat came to see us at night for a nightly visit.  The dogs loved it because they had something to chase and everyone wanted to play.  After much fun and frolick, everyone got tired, and we settled down.  The “critters” I’m sure are somewhere in the house because they seemed to like it here with all the food on the floor and even brought their friends. Hopefully, they'll come out of their hiding place before Elaine get’s home.

Just chillin... I can see clouds...
When we built the house, we put a garden tub in the big bathroom, one of those that is big and has jets that shoot water and makes you feel good.  We hardly use it because showers are quicker and easier but when Elaine left for Louisville, we found another use for it.  The dirty clothes backed up, so the big tub was the perfect place to store dirty clothes.  I thought I had a problem when the water accidentally got turned on.  Abbie loves the water, so she thought she had her own mini pond, somebody found a Frisbee and playtime was on…  All was good until the water jets got turned on and clothes and dogs got spinning in a circle.  "Idea!"… dirty clothes, water, and agitation add some dish soap, and the wash is no longer backed up.  Just hang it on the porch railing and clean dry clothes in a day or so.  Problem solved.  She will love this time-saving idea.

I was contacted via email, I won a national award.  I am proud to say that I am the distinguished award winner and the single one person who had bought more items on Amazon since the first of the year.  Elaine will be sooooo excited I’m sure, we have EVERYTHING we will ever need, I got a lovely email that I can show her, she will be so proud of me.

While Elaine was away, we were just a little lax in the things we did, but I know she loves housework and won’t mind to tidy up just a little.  Can’t wait to see her…  

Things I learned when Elaine got home…

You don’t need all this freedom, it can get you in trouble, trust me.
Cheerios and Captain Crunch gives dog diarrhea, don't leave it for Elaine.
Keep the critters out and the door shut and hope something is not hiding in Elaine's closet.
Never, I mean never put clothes, water, dogs, dish detergent in a garden tub and turn it on, Never ever.
If you can’t handle it, don’t join Amazon Prime, you have to pay for it…
Elaine does not like housework, remember this.  
Flowers do not always help.
I'm sleeping outside with the dogs.

This could go on forever...  Ken