Headed North...

This has been a roller coaster week.  Elaine is gone out of state for a week to be with her day for surgery and won't be back until Thursday.  Not much peace and quiet here with everything going on, This morning, I am getting ready to drive a few hours to see some sheep herding and see Clancy’s Granddaughter and along with her is a foster that is in Clancy’s Dream program.

 Things are speeding up in the dog world, and I spend nearly 8 hours every day working on the foundation and seem to never get caught up.  I can tell because of the stacks of folders that are everywhere on my desk and floor.  It’s exciting to see everything come together but I also see I am getting further behind.

Dutchess went fishing yesterday.  I know this sounds strange, but she will see the fish in the water and her tail goes up, and she will watch and wait.   Photos from several years ago but this is a common occurrence.

It’s so funny to watch her, she will get to a fever pitch, and when she can’t stand it, she will get in the water.  

Once there, she will bite at the water.  Don’t think she can’t get one, she can and has.  What really makes her day is when I throw some fish feed in the water, and the catfish comes around her.  

I need a pole and what are you looking at?
Once we had some company and they were fishing and caught some and put them in a bucket.  She put her head in the water and grabbed one and off she went.  Don’t know what she did, but I’m sure it was fun.  If she had thumbs, she would have a fishing pole.

Short post, I’m heading North to to see one of our foster dogs and part of my heart…  Ken