Five years ago…

Nearly five years ago to the exact date, I wrote a story about Tucker.  I got a call on Saturday from the horse farm where he was living, and it was his 4th home. “I’m sorry, he is not working out, he chases our horses, and there is no stopping him.” They were going to put him down if I didn’t come and get him.

That next morning I left the house at 5:30 am traveling to a little town Ohio. It was raining, and storming all the way.  His owners were gone but told me where he would be. I went to the kennel he was in and walked to the gate. Inside was a big dog curled up in a little dog house with a torn and ratty piece of carpet sticking out of the front. I wondered how he even got in it because of his size, but he did. I was so glad to see him and broke down, I’m just glad no one was there to see me act like a fool. I hugged him, and in the driving rain, we just stood there, together, getting soaking wet, my arms around his neck and his mussel on my shoulder.

Off we went another five hours on the road, back to our own farm. The rain never let up, and it was a hard drive all the way home, but once here, he jumped out. He was back on safe ground, but the story continues… and in that year.   I have traveled over 1000 miles to take and pick him up at various homes, trying to find the right spot.  After another attempt at a new but it was not meant to be.  You see, Tucker came back home to us in a few days.

The confusing part is he is a good dog with a hard shell around his heart that is pretty thick. He loves us and will follow us anywhere we go. I know he just needs and wants to feel loved.  Tucker, you have lived a lifetime in just a year. I only hope and pray, and yes, I have prayed for you that things will work out. I don’t know what went wrong if anything, but we’re all pulling for you in ways you’ll never know.

Fast Forward to this week...

I have been working with a person who had a Border Collie that was uncontrollable, and they couldn’t handle him.  Since last year I have been working with them to relinquish him to Clancy’s Dream so we could help him and re-home him.  Many times, we talked and emailed and during the few days before I finally obtained him I had sent over 40 emails trying to persuade them to turn him over, and it seemed to be an impossible task.  On Friday, he was to come over at six pm and by 10 pm no-one had shown up.  I gave up, and by morning I assume I would never see him.  Surprising, I got a message they were on their way.  I only hoped so but thought different because I have heard that before.  When he finally arrived, he ran as far away as he could barking at everything and scared.

He was placed in our kennel, and after she had left, I looked at her relinquish form and noted her Vet's name.  Not having an address or phone number I started calling all the Vets in that city.  One office stated they knew him and would forward his medical records because I was now his owner…  The last line set me back, “owner called wanting to schedule an appointment for euthanasia” which was a few weeks ago, but office refused to put down a healthy puppy.  After that, I sat in the kennel and stroked his fur and cried, he was safe.  I've been here before.

Isn’t it odd that to the day but, five years apart, two dogs would come back into our care that had been deemed a worthless cause and was set to die?  Fortunately, both found us by luck, fate, fortune or destiny.  Whatever you call it, it was a miracle.  I won’t know the full story on the new rescue dog for some time, but I do know the story on Tucker, which has received and qualified in;

Novice Rally Title
Novice Jumper
Two CPE Agility titles
AKC Novit Rally Title
Qualifier  Novice Agility/Fast

All of this to a dog that was deemed worthless and nearly everyone gave up on him, setting his execution except one couple.  On my wall is a shadow box of his first AKC ribbon along with a picture of him, given to me by his owners, something I will always cherish and see daily.

The ironic thing about this is that Guinness is being fostered by the same people who rescued Tucker, Suzanne Mason, and Hillary Wain.  The other similarity is that they have a new puppy for agility work which is the granddaughter of Clancy.  Tucker and Guinness were committed to death by previous owners.  Tucker just needed a job which he got, and Guinness needs love.  Clancy has and will be part of them forever, helping in ways that we can't envision, and  I can’t imagine how great Guinness will be when they are finished…

Thank you Clancy, for saving another… Ken