Can I just lick it?

 I have been playing Nurse since the 22nd of March.  This time it’s Abbie because of an injury that she received playing.  Now, this is not the first time that this has happened to her or others but she told me that “this is getting old.”  While I agreed with her, she also said “I’m not coming to you when you act like you’re going to give me a treat. You’re just tricking me, and you always do something to my BOO BOO.  It hurts, and I’m smarter than that.” And I also had to agree, “well what you want me to do?” “Nothing. I can just lick it.”  “That’s the problem, Duh, and that’s why you have the cone on,” I said.

“You know I can’t even lick my butt!” she said, “Will you lick it for me?”  “NOOOO I won’t”  that’s repulsive to even think about it.  “We do it all the time, that’s who we are, try it, I have a cone on and can’t get to it,” she said.  “ABBIE” that’s enough,” I said.  “Will you at least let ME lick my sore”  “No, you might do something to it, and it won’t heal, and I don’t want to go down that road. “We always lick our sores and before there were Vet’s that was the only way we fixed it.”  “You do have a point, and I remember once we had Clancy at the Vet for a big cut on his chest.  The Doctor said that if they were in the wild, it would heal on its own.”

“Look, Dad, we’ve been on this earth since you have and until the last hundred years, you all invented Veterinarians and who knows what else.  I have seen your medical bag, and just this week, you bought a skin stapler, what’s that for, tell me and it better not be for “us” dogs.”  “OK, I will admit, I’m  just trying to cut corners at times because there are nine of you”  “Not my problem, but did you have to use CRAZY GLUE on one of my cuts, REALLY.” She said,  “It worked didn’t it, and you didn’t have to take a ride in the car.”  I’m never getting in that car, never!  Tell me one time when I went somewhere with you, and it was fun?” she said.  “You got me on that one, I can’t think of any, I am sorry every trip was painful in one way or another.”
“You know Abbie I hate it more than you do,”  I said.  “NO you don’t,” she said, “I can’t run, get in the water or even play ball and it’s even hard to eat, you try it,”  she said. 

What Abbie doesn’t understand it that we all really do hate it but as she said, it is hard especially for a Border Collie who is the most active of the pack.  What she doesn’t understand is that we are trying to help all of them and in cases, save their life.  If I can get over this hurdle like once before, then life will be good at the farm…until the next bump in the road.
“Dad… will you take my cone off so I can lick my…”  “Don’t go there!”  I said.  Dad