What did you say?

As I sat down in my recliner, the dogs gathered in their usual spot, but this time, things were just a little different…

“Hey, get out of the way, I can’t move,” Dutchess said as she moved to “her” spot.
“Don’t get up there, that’s my spot” as she gave her scowl looking at Meggie who also went for the recliner but was beat out by the beast.

“Get off my butt, I’m trying to lay down,” Shepp said to Doc as he was getting into his spot in the chair.  Doc always pesters him when he is walking by.
Something is different, I can hear what they are thinking.  This is new, can I talk dog talk?  Have I entered their work or have they entered into mine, this is scary but fascinating, but I’m just a little bit worried.
Most of the dogs filed into the room taking their usual spot.
“I didn’t get enough food,” Dutchess said as she was talking to Gabby, but was rebuked by most of the others, and in unison, they shouted, “You never do!”
My mouth flew open, and I watched in amazement.  This is scary, they don’t know I can hear!
“I watch him eat his meals and snacks all night, and we get just a tiny bite, and the drinks they have, is there no end?”  Dutchess said.  Oh, my God, I thought, this is insane.  “Well at lease we get more as the night wears on,” Annie bellowed.

“Why can’t we watch something else on TV, is there nothing on about dogs?” Abbie said.  “I’m sure there is some tennis on, don’t we have ESPN?”  “I’ve never seen as many the tennis balls they have and when he’s not here, and we get to choose what we want to watch,”  Annie said.  “I’ve watched him hold onto the remote so long, I know how to change it.”  “I love it when he falls asleep in his chair,” Gabbie said “I bet he falls asleep because he is well-oiled” Molly shouted over the laughter.
I can’t believe this, am I losing my mind as I watched my dogs look at each other and make nods and shake their head.  Everything calmed down, and there was silence among us.  Maybe I am working and thinking too much if I hear voices and I've not even had a drink, but I tell you, I think I need one.
Just when there were peace and things were back to normal, I heard it.  “Who did it?” and Shepp looked up putting his nose in the air and sniffed.  “Can’t you wait until you go outside?” Dahlia said as she came from the other room, lying down for just a second before going back to where she came from.

“Who did it, it’s a killer.” everyone laughed.  At that moment every dog turned their head and looked at me with a stare of disenchantment and the first time I answered them “I did not do it!”  This has gone too far, now I am answering them.

According to Juliane Kaminski a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Portsmouth.  “Dogs are special. Every dog owner knows that. And most dog owners feel their dog understands every word they say and every move they make. Research over the last two decades shows dogs really can understand human communication in ways no other species can. But a new study confirms you should be speaking to it in a certain way to maximize the chances that it follows what you're saying.  The latest research affirms the idea that not only have dogs developed an ability to recognize gestures but also a special sensitivity to the human voice that helps them identify when they need to respond to what's being said.”

While I do agree with the author, but I think my Border Collies have gone a little further.  There is no doubt that our dogs understand us and will even react and mind us, but when you find yourself answering them, you better be hiding your car keys and apparently there is no reason to spell certain words.   Give your dog a hug today before they drive off.    Ken