Looking Back...

While the Board of Directors and I have been officially working with Clancy’s Dream since August of 2016, we have been working to rescue dogs since 2010.  We only officially put it on paper in August of last year because of Clancy's death.  We are in the process of updating our Webpage, and while we’ve only had it for 6 months or so, it needs to updated with several things.  This is truly a trial by fire, and at sometimes, I get burned, and we can always use some extra help.

One thing I am doing for the Foundation is to go back in some of our records and get information and photos of dogs we have helped and put them on our website.  It is bittersweet to see the dogs again because we all, including the foster parents, miss them and it brings back memories.  At times because they were fostered I may only see them for a few hours or when they are transported to the Vet or their new home, but I never forget the look in their eyes.

One of 5 dogs we drove to Glen Highland Farm in in upstate New Your.
Since we started working, rescuing and rehabilitating Border Collies, we have traveled to numerous states, driving thousands of miles and literally spending thousands of dollars and up till now, it was our gift to the breed, but now the foundation has stepped in, and we can do more.  The one thing I have seen is the love, attention, and drive that people have that want to help, who also love the breed as I do.

Karen Newhall and I taking 5 dogs to New Your to a Border Collie Rescue.  This was when my life changed.
Some may remember the puppy mill that I was involved with in 2012.  This literally changed my life, and I think for the better for many reasons.  I won’t go into the hardships of any of that but I remember and cherish the joy it brings to us when we not only help the dog but the entire family.  I only wish I would have copied or saved the comments that have come my way from various sources, but when I am down, I do remember the kind words that I don’t deserve.

What I do cherish is to hear is the comments and read the stories of how their life has changed because of their new dog and to see them love their dog as much as I did and this makes my heart warm.

It's exciting to see and watch a dog bond to its new owner and observe the life change on both sides and to be part of it.  Not in my wildest dream would I have thought I would have become and "animal activist"  but I guess I have.  Not necessary by choice, but by need.

This is a roller coaster to be able to put things together and at times see them fall apart., but in the end, you see those eyes telling you that they are happy...  Ken  

Clancy's Dream

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Below are "just a few" of the dogs we have rescued, I will never forget any one of them…