Getting close…

For the last several days, I have been taking Abbie out to play by herself.  I do this for several reasons, the first is, with her illness I don’t know how long she has left with us.  So far, she has outlived everyone’s prediction and has been doing great since her diagnosis in October 2015.  The second is it’s hard for her to play with dogs chasing and nipping at her.

It started a week or so ago when we had to visit Kaycee and pals just to check on them while their Mom was at work.  I walked over to their house, and Abbie was at the gate with me, and I said, “let’s go” and out she sprang, knowing she was going somewhere but what she didn’t know where and to do what. 

I was to let Kacie, Lit Bit, and Izzy out of their kennel and exercise them for a while until Mom came home from work in a few hours and everyone was going to have some fun.  As I walked out of their garage, I grabbed two Frisbees off the counter and into the large open outside area we went.  Everyone was so excited, and Kacee and Abbie were turning circles as we walked to our destination.  Off they went into the distance waiting for me to throw the Frisbee.  Zoom it went, and their eyes were as big as saucers, and they pranced as it came their way, but when we were done, dissapointnment and sad eyes were all around.

When we play ball or Frisbee at home, it’s hard to get everyone to cooperate and be on the same page.  It always seemed that nearly everyone picks on Abbie when she plays.  She is ONLY focused on the ball, stick or Frisbee, nothing else and nearly everyone is focused on her because of her excitement.  The exception is Dutchess, Molly, and Meggie, they play with whatever we’re throwing and watch the ball or Frisbee, not Abbie.  The rest of the pack is picking on Abbie, and the only thing I can attribute that too is because she is so focused.  Several times I have had to take her to the Vet for stitches, and once even Crazy glued her wound, but it was small.
For the next several days I would put all the dogs up in the kennel to feed them except Abbie, and she knew what was going on.  She would look at me then glance at the cabinet which held her treasures and then back at me, but she is heading for the door because she knew, and when outside, let her carry her Frisbee.  She is so excited.

Yesterday, I kept Dutchess and Molly out because they like to play too, but Molly is just as content to hold a tennis ball in her mouth and run with them.  We played hard, and everyone was tired and thirsty, and I knew what they wanted.  

As hard as I tried, I attempted to lead them away from the lake so they would stay dry.  Didn’t happen, Molly got into the water up to her belly, but Abbie and Dutchess were different.  As she has done thousands of times, Abbie went to the dock with the Frisbee and sat it down in front of her.  Her usual routine it to taunt the other dogs with her toy and push it into the water where she will immediately jump in after it, which she did.  I can only assume she this is her way to play by herself or to make sure she gets it back.  This time was different because Dutchess knew and was ready too.

No calling them would keep them dry, and as soon as I heard that ever-familiar sound of a plop, I knew it was too late, and she was wet.  In just a few seconds, Dutchess joined her in the water where they both got a long drink and back to the house, we came.  But guess who didn’t get to come in… but only for a while… We are getting close to dock diving season and they are ready.  Ken.

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