What’s that Smell?

The locomotive
We’ve all been there and said the same thing at one time or another. Every night when we transfer to the family room, I take all the dogs for a walk through the woods.  It’s about a half of mile, and it usually takes care of any business for the dogs, and they are relieved.  Since Elaine decided to keep all the dogs in the house every night, I try to make sure that any possibility of an accident it was taken care of if you know what I mean!  We typically take two trips, on at about 9 pm and another one at 10:30 or so. 
I have a light just for the walks that will shine to the moon and back, and it’s a LED and rechargeable too!  
Can be purchased through Amazon, proceeds to Clancy's Dream
Out the back door we go and they always know where we are going and when.  It’s right when I put the remote down, and their ears pop up, and a race to the back door is in order.  Just don’t be in their pathway.
Once on the path and in the woods, each dog wanders aimlessly in every direction.  Always stopping and smelling the ground and sticking their nose in the leaves, moving it an inch and diving in again.  Dahlia, Abbie, and Annie are the worst at this and Molly comes in second.  I thought it was a cat in the area or a skunk (God forbid) but what I saw earlier this week surprised me.  Out of the corner of my eye with the help of my million watt light, a rabbit was merely hopping like no one was around, but there was.  

Dogs were everywhere and Dahlia, AKA “critter killer,” was just a few feet away.  Now Dahlia has chased our cats up trees, under and over fences but she has never caught one, but I can only envisage what will happen.  When she gets her body moving, it’s like a locomotive under full steam, and I think she would go through a wall.  Truth be known, I bet she is a big sissy, but I don’t want to find out.

Little Bunny FOO FOO was happy frolicking through the woods.  I was the only one who saw her, and she made her deposit and skipped off in the wilderness.  As we were walking back the same way that we came from earlier, All the dogs were running until they crossed over “that” spot and everyone stopped on a dime and started sticking their nose to the ground searching for their treat. 
What I can’t fathom is why they would want to eat or roll in that stuff, and it seems to be the gourmet of food to them.  And if it’s not a treat, it’s a cologne only to be applied to the neck area “according to them.”  A dog in a real barnyard is truly in dog heaven, always plenty to eat… Yuck, make me gag…

What never surprises me is the exceptional food you purchase, cook or prepare for them, some costing 60 dollars a bag.  There is nothing better than rabbit droppings, road kill, nasty water or a good turd.  Can’t believe I wrote that.

Give your dog a hug, not to be confused with a kiss…   Ken

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