Abbie and Dutchess

My two most active dogs will play most anytime.  This Saturday, Abbie brought me a tennis ball that she found in the yard which is very customary and if she can’t find one, part of a tennis ball will do.  Because we have nine dogs, it’s difficult for the serious ball players to get into the action because of distractions from their playmates.  Molly and Annie will hold the ball, Dahlia, Shepp; Doc, Gabby will pester the real players most of the time by running next to them and aggravate.   Shepp likes to play on his own and Meggie can play most anyway.  Nearly everyone was in the house when Abbie brought me her ball, so I had an idea.  You can hardly turn them down when they want something because those eyes kill you into submission.

I grabbed another tennis ball from the top of the refrigerator and Dutchess, Abbie and I went to find a spot, each of them turning circles as we walked.  You have to remember the ones in the house will watch where we go, so we snuck into a secluded area that is all the way at the back of the property, near the fence line where it’s flat and clear.
Right off the bat, a ball went through the fence.  

Please come back... Please...
As I watched in amazement, Dutchess tried to reach it, but Abbie jumped in and stuck her head through it.  As usually, Abbie already had a ball in her mouth but dropped it to retrieve the other, and when in her mouth.she got it, she gave it to Dutchess, grabbing “hers” for it’s usually place 

Dutchess tries

Abbie dives in

Got a leaf too
We had a great game, and the two played hard.  I will tell you, at one time, Dutchess could jump higher, run faster and last longer but those days are gone.  Abbie still runs reckless, knocking anything down in her way and always going full speed but today she was winded and was wore out, but kept going.

It was a pleasure just to watch the two athletics do what they like to do.  While I love to see all the dogs run, Sometimes, special care needs to be given so everyone can enjoy the fun.    When we were finished, we walked to the house and Abbie still had the ball.  Dutchess was exhausted and came to the porch for water, but Abbie went and got hers from the lake…  Why do they have to get all the way in the water to get a drink?  Tonight these two will sleep well, Abbie will be satisfied for a day, Dutchess will need Rimadyl.   Ken