After all the hullabaloo...

I will tell you that we are busy at the farm during the day.  Being home with the dogs 24 hours a day for some years, you would think they are used to me and get used to my actions.  They usually are with me wherever I go whether it’s cutting grass, shoveling snow or taking a walk which is generally is three or four times a day.  I do like to stay busy and keep myself occupied, and as you know, Border Collies do too, so we fit.  While this is a problem with some homes that are not active and issues come into place, this is not a problem here but that will be a later day story.

Helping with the grass
They pick up on my movement whether it’s sitting down to put on my shoes, putting down the remote or sitting down or getting up from my favorite recliner.  This has happened for some time, but the last week or so, it happens nearly night.  When I retire to the family room, Dutchess will watch my every step, and if I walk to the recliner, she will stand at the foot and even before I get completely down, she will try to reserve her spot by getting on my lap.  “Dutchess, let me sit first” is what she usually hears but falling on deaf ears is common as most things she has selective hears.  Things are generally the “Dutchess” way, and if the truth be known, I let her do the things she wants to do, just because of who she is which is a stinker.

Once I sit down, Dutchess springs into action even before I have time to lean back in the chair.  She is impatient, but the rewards are great once she finally makes her nest in my lap.  She will sleep for what seems like hours without moving and as she lays motionless in my lap, as with all the dogs that make it there, they get a good massage and check over.  I do find it therapeutic to watch any of them dream and “chase rabbits” in their sleep, right in my lap.  Some of the other benefits are also rewarding because when I have a dog in my lap, Elaine hears this several times an evening and of course, we don’t want to disturb the dog.  “Elaine, can you get me another piece of cheese?”  or “Elaine can you get me something to drink?” which she always comply, not wanting to disturb the dog.  Kind of cool huh…  Think about it guys. 

So after all the hullabaloo through the day and as we wind down for the evening, it is comforting to see and feel the dogs when they are their sweetest.  

We have multiple dog beds in the family room, and they will move from one to the other, to the couch, and back to their bed.  It’s also funny they each have their special place whether it’s in their bed or my heart.  Ken

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