My little protector…

I have a four-legged guardian angel, and her name is Abbie.  Some may not be aware that she is the product of Clancy and Molly and was rehomed back to us on two occasions six years ago.  The second time, we just kept her because we loved her and felt sorry for her.  Nearly her whole life has been spent here on the farm, and we were the first and will be the last to hold her. 

For whatever reason, she is my dog.  Let me stop you there…  Elaine and I were sitting on the couch one night, and three dogs were trying to get into my lap, now Elaine would love to have a lap dog and may have one if my lap is full.  Elaine called one of the dogs over, and she begrudgingly went to her.  After a few minutes, she came back.  Elaine looked puzzled and said, “I just don’t understand it.”  “It’s simple,” I said, and she said “tell me”  This was my opening and I took it.  “They don’t like you” I laughed when I said it and then she did too.  The truth is I am their Alpha and they see me as the one in charge.  A dog’s mind is full of wonders, and at times I don’t think we’ll ever understand it all.

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook “ So touching... Abbie always needs to be near me and wherever I'm at, she curls up next to my feet.”  and many people responded.   It’s so funny to watch her in action.  She loves to be where ever I go or sit.  She will take a position next to my feet, looking away from me and scan the room just to see if anyone is anywhere near.  If there is not, she will jump into my lap but if someone is near, she will give that low guttural grrrrrrrrr and stare.  She thinks she is so bad and she is one of the smallest dogs we have. 

At times I have even seen Clancy made a wide birth around my chair because she is protecting me from any and all harm in her mind.  If only she and I are in the family room and any dogs start down the steps, up in my lap she jumps so no one else can get there.  One of the cutest things I do to get her excited is out of the blue; I will go grrrrrrr and she will too, looking around to see who is getting near but no-one is there.  I do it again and so does she and then I bark and she will too.  She is such a hoot and loves me with all of her heart.  Every morning and night, she will come to my office and put her head between the armrest and seat waiting for a hug, which she gets.  Last week, knowing she wanted to be as close as she can be, I picked her up and sat her on my desk while we read emails together. 

Abbie is a sweetie to me and what sealed her fate here at the farm was when she came back to us the second time, I was lying on the bed, she jumped up and laid next to me.  But what really captured my heart was when she scooted and pulled herself right next to the inside of my arm, putting her head on my chest, letting out a big sigh...  She was home.

Abbie is doing well with her illness...   Ken