The Twilight Zone...

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call… the Twilight Zone... this must be a dream I thought…

We have all been there.  It seems that when you have a Border Collie, life changes, neither good nor bad, it just changes.  In the beginning, it can be maddening but as time passes, it’s the norm.

Dutchess playing with the Jolly Ball in the Koi pond
Just this Friday, I was working outside in the garage when I wanted to work on a few small projects.  Doc is the worst at times, when I stop walking, he jumps on me and his dew claws dig into my side and I tell myself he only wants attention and he loves me but it stills hurts.  At one point, I got on the floor and looked under a bench for something I dropped and Abbie came from behind and started licking my ears and stuck her tongue inside my ear giving me a wet willie with her tongue. Next, Doc started licking my face, oh no, I was trapped. 

I'm trying to relax in the Hot-Tub
Everything is different.  I once wrote a story about sitting on the “throne” in the bathroom.  My loyal subjects (four legged, that is) gathered around me to pay homage with one even stepping in my underpants that were down.   Help!  “Please…let me have some time alone…Please” 

Snack time is worse than ever.  I even hesitate getting a snack when they are all in the room and at times wait until some of them go upstairs with Elaine to go to bed.  The times I can’t wait for my nightly treat, I have 9 pairs of sad eyes, all “starving” dogs with turtle heads stretching for a closer smell and hopefully a bite.  So out of 10 treats, I get one, along with each one of them... I need a bigger bag.

They have hijacked my vehicles
Lawn work can be the worst.  If I just walk to a machine, whether it be the Gator or the 4-wheeler, it’s like they sense my direction and look at the 4-wheeler, then at me and then the wheels start turning in their minds and they’re off to the races.  Times like this I just use the wheelbarrow. It doesn’t have an engine but, I can trick them while pushing it and make a motor noise, then off they go running and barking.  Grass cutting is just a hoot, no explanation needed.

Gabby, Doc and Annie
Sit back and relax… You are getting sleepy… very sleepy.  Let yourself sink into the chair as you relax deeply.  Your eyes may feel heavy and want to close.  Let your body sink naturally down as your muscles relax. Listen to your body and my voice as you begin to feel calm, you’ve entered the Twilight Zone or Dogwood Ridge.  Most people have only one or two Border Collies but here at the farm, we have 9 so multiply your dog’s activity 4 or 5-fold and you have entered the zone… Just imagine the difference and the change in “your” household…
"I'm going to count from one to five, and at the count of five you will be feeling wide awake, fully alert, and completely refreshed."
We know that a dream can be real, but who ever thought that reality could be a dream? We exist, of course, but how, in what way? As we believe, as flesh-and-blood human beings, or are we simply parts of someone's feverish, complicated nightmare? Think about it and then ask yourself, do you live here, in this country, in this world, or do you live instead in the Twilight Zone at Dogwood Ridge?

But I wouldn’t have it any other way…  Ken
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