Morning Has Broken...

I have always been an early riser in the mornings.  I once had a job that started at 5 AM and now I guess I have just gotten into the habit of getting up early.  Just yesterday, I was up at 4:30 AM and even the dogs wouldn’t get up.  One of my favorite parts of the day with the dogs is the mornings as the sun rises and we are walking through the woods.  

We have many trails at the farm and the dogs will take me out and walk a couple of miles.  They love it because they can run, explore, chase each other and always relieve themselves.  It takes the edge off quickly and everyone then settles into their daily routine, what a great start to the day!  

We have had breathtaking sunrises this fall and when it comes through the trees and climbs the hills, it is almost spiritual. The first of this week was especially nice.  The weather was just right and the light coming through the trees was awe-inspiring

At one point we stopped and I stood still and watched and waited. Streaks of light was lowly coming through the trees and the dogs were exploring the day, following each other to each new discovery with a sense of vigor.  Not a sound was made except the wind and the wind chimes that we were close to and I thought, “It IS spiritual.” 

In the early 70’s (my wild years with long hair) there was a song called Morning Has Broken.  It was a cute little song and Cat Stevens had a pleasant voice and I liked the tune.  I never really thought about the words until I Googled it this week and I was surprised.  Morning has broken is the best known work of Eleanor Farjeon, children’s author and poet.  Eleanor was born in London on February 13, 1881. 

In “Morning has broken” Cat Stevens sang about creation in the way it should be heard. Who cares if the world was made in seven days or fourteen billion years?  We live in a kaleidoscope of wonder and never see it but walk past it every day.   Eden need not be a place in time and space. Eden can be a level of awareness available in the most ordinary moments. Heaven need not be a land outside of time, it can be a quality deep within every moment and it was that day.   The hymn reminds me that wonders lies everywhere hidden, like a treasure discoverable to anyone who can muster childlike reverence for the ordinary and the dogs make this happen by seeing the good in life and making the most unusual object the center of their world.

That very morning, I saw the first light of day differently here at the farm.  Time doesn’t matter, Eden is at my level of awareness and by taking an ordinary walk, I am truly in Heaven and it is like a treasure just discovered by me and the dogs, coming from the ordinary into that very moment, I saw the beauty and felt the peace of the day.  Though “Morning has broken” is clearly a hymn for children it has an appeal for adults too.  It praises God for the sights and sounds of the new day and likens each dawn to the very first day in the Garden of Eden.  Every new morning is so new in its freshness and newness, that Cat Stevens refers to it as "God's re-creation of the new day and I tell you, it was mystical that morning.  Here at the farm, I find comfort in the peaceful dawn of the day with the dogs that I love and the bond, friendship, companionship and love we share together where each morning is a new creation and adventure... always...     Ken

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