Clancy's Dream Comes Alive

As I walked from Clancy’s grave the day after his unexpected death, I said out loud through tears “I didn’t want this to happen,” I remember the exact spot on the driveway when I turned back to look and said again, “I want him to live forever…somehow” as I knew this is impossible, there has got to be a way.  Clancy had National and International lineage and had sired many offspring’s in his life and will live for many many years, but they too shall pass.  There has to be more, and there is…

Clancy with one of our last litters, some are asleep under him.
For nearly four years we have worked with Border Collies in need because they are a special and unique breed.  Most people don’t know what they are getting into, especially if it’s their first dog and no research done about BC’s on their part.  I’ve said many times to prospective owners “They demand, literally require lots of attention and lots of activity. If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to the dog, don’t get it.  There are better choices; it will be the best decision or the worst decision of your life and for the dog."

Working in a veterinarian’s office, I saw many times where drastic decisions were made for the pet because the owner of the pet could not pay for the treatment that the dog required to survive.  Hearts were broken, and lives were changed because the owner saw no other option than to put the dog down.  Knowing what I have seen and what Elaine and I have done, it seemed like a perfect fit to reach out and help dogs receive the best care they can get and help even more with BC’s that need rehabilitation and rescue. 

Just Thursday, a road trip, nearly to the Canadian Border, was made by a real friend to help a BC in need.  It was to rescue a little 14-month-old female Border Collie who had been shuffled a few times.  Once at the farm, both Elaine and I quickly discovered that she is a true sweetheart.  

Luna, just needs a chance
If Beverly had not stepped in to pick her up, chances are Luna would have gone back to another shelter or someone would have taken advantage of a “free to good home” dog possibly to be used for something very evil.  As I have said “They demand, literally demand lots of attention and lots of activity. If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to the dog, don’t get it” but unfortunately most people don’t listen, and mistakes are often made.  If you own a BC, you and I know they are a very special breed not to be taken lightly.

Where does Clancy come into this picture, you ask?  I talked to Elaine, and we agreed there is more work to be done by Clancy.  I spoke to our Veterinarian’s office the Monday after his death, and there is a real need for this according to them, more than we know. “Clancy’s Dream” went from an idea to a conversation, to a registered Nonprofit Corporation in just ten days after his death.  A Board of Directors, including a Veterinarian and five other people, have come together to form a much-needed resource for other BC owners to keep my boy’s memory alive.  We have completed and sent all the necessary paperwork in for a 501-c3 Federal tax exempt status which we have received, and a business bank account has been opened, complete with its own debit card and a professional group is developing a website.   Business cards have been ordered, and we are well on our way to help our first BC in need. 

Our Clancy always took care of us along with all his playmates and the frequent visitors to the farm by keeping an ever vigilant eye on all.  Soon, we will introduce his “Dream” to people in need, and I will tell you there are plenty out there.  There may be challenges ahead for us, but we as a group are ready for whatever may come our way. Hopefully, the time and money will soon be spent for the cause of helping the dogs that can’t speak or heal themselves.  We do this because they have given so much to us, it’s only fair.  The organization, known as “Clancy’s Dream” has an operating statement or code if you will, and it reads as follows;

Bringing Help and Hope to Border Collies and their Owners in Times of Need through Rescue Efforts or Veterinary Care Assistance.

We miss Clancy as do others.  We pine over his death but now know that because of him, many other dogs will be rescued or given the medical attention they need through the donations and support from others. Our beautiful Clancy will live on through the lives he will help to save…

...I was the protector of the pack, but more importantly, I was a mentor for the rescued dogs that were lucky enough to enter our gates at Dogwood Ridge, and now I will lead and watch from far away, my spirit living forever...  Thank you... Clancy

Clancy’s Grandparents and Great Grandparents
2004 International Supreme Champion
98/96 Scotland National Champion
1994 Irish National Champion
94/91 International Supreme Champion
92/89 International Supreme Champion
1985 Welsh National Champion
1984 England National Sheep Dog Champion
And it continues until 1925