Sleepy time...

I have noticed this before but last night, it was more noticeable than ever.  When I finished up my work in the office, as always I turn the desk light off, get up in the darkness and walk to the stares.  I know it’s unsafe but I usually walk slow always expecting something in the way.  Last night, Dutchess was in the middle of the floor and I bumped her walking through.  Although there is a dog bed in the room, she was laying on the floor close to me.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.

For some reason, all of our dogs want to be around me or Elaine.  Later that night, I was getting ready to sit in my recliner to watch a little TV when I noticed 4 dogs waiting for me to sit.  All of them were anxiously waiting to make their move and jump in my lap, trying to beat the other out.  I have noticed this before and when I back my chair in the office they are usually right behind me, startling me and them but why do they do this?  Is it the breed or how they were raised?  I do notice a difference between our Border Collies and our German Shepherd Dahlia.  While the collies are more loving, Dahlia won’t give it up.  She is loving, don’t get me wrong, but not like the BC’s. 

This caused me to think about the jest of this.  While Dahlia will lay with us on the bed or sit next to us on the couch, after a short time, she is off to her space on the spare bed.  She loves sugar and belly rubs but loves her space.  On the other hand, all of the BC’s will seek, pester, annoy and tease me to do something with them.  If I am sitting and one is my lap, as soon as they get up, another takes their spot and so on.  Dutchess is the worst and if someone is in my lap, she will sit and watch.  Looking first at me and then at the other dog, back and forth until they get up, up she comes, sometimes staying until my legs go to sleep spending hours at a time.   

Dutchess in her spot... Meggie waiting...
I have literally had 5 dogs on the couch with me and no one is comfortable but no-one moves fearing they will lose their spot.  I have grown accustom to this affection and to be growing in intensity and at one time, I only allowed one dog in bed with me.  Just two nights ago, Abbie was at my head laying on the spare pillow, Meggie was stretched out along my back and Dutchess was curled up at the foot of the bed and it was tight to say the least.  When I thought it couldn’t get any more crowded, Clancy decided to join in the fellowship.  While the entire bed was full with furry critters it appeared there was no more room or so I thought.  Clancy climbed up from the foot of the bed and walked on top of my body pillow and settled near my head.  I now had 3 dogs on one side and Clancy stretched out on the pillow that ran from the head to the foot of the bed.  What made matters worse, he slowly slid down in-between me and the pillow which I put between my legs for comfort and fell fast asleep.  It was a tight fit but we made it.  At times, I hear Molly walking on the wood floor near the bed and when I put my hand over the side of the bed and she will lick my fingers.  Because she is getting older and the bed is high, I get up of bed and put her up with the others.  Everybody joins in the fun.

Bed time, Molly & Clancy...
I have often said that until you really experience the love of a dog you’ve never experienced such sweet devotion.  As I write this short story Doc is laying by my feet and every so often, he will get up and put his nose on the desk, wanting nothing but a little attention and a pat on the head.  Today, I pushed my chair back and hugged him and telling him I loved him.  He laid back down and was content, wanting nothing more than reassurance that I did.  I have started taking more time to notice all of them and after running into Dutchess the other night, I reached down to rub her too.  Dogs are pretty amazing…  Ken

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