Weather Woes

Well here it is, the 2nd week of January and a season of the year comes upon us that most of us don’t like.  It makes no difference to the dogs, but to us humans it makes all the difference in the world.  Fortunately we’ve had some sunny days for the last several days but yesterday it started raining and it appears that we will have several more in a row and this morning it is blowing snow with temperatures in the teens. 

There are two things that effects the dogs along with me around here.  The first is when it rains, they get dirty especially if we go for a walk.  

While I don’t mind a walk in the rain because I wear rain gear, some of the dogs do.  It’s usually not a problem if we go on a venture because they are excited, but when you let them out for their last bathroom break at night, some of the dogs will just stand by the back door and refuse to go into the rain.  Now we all know they “got to go” and it’s like taking a horse to water.  If they don’t want to do it, it’s not going to happen and we don’t want to get up in the middle of the night and fight this battle again.  So the answer is to put on your shoes, get your umbrella if it’s handy and stand in the rain and if one is not handy, you get wet because no matter how many times you tell some of them to “go potty” they look and stand still.  But if they think like a human, they have figured out if you’re not going out in the rain, then why should they and you have to go out in the rain just to watch them.  At least they feel better and you won’t have to get up or worse.

The next weather condition is one of my favorites.  A below freezing sunny day where the ground is frozen.  This is one of the ultimate times that we “all” can enjoy the day.  No-one gets muddy or wet and it’s not too hot and we can run all day.  The down side is when the sun starts to warm the ground, its’s always a mess for all of us.  Nothing better to play hard and they to run to us and jump on us leaving their wonderful brown paw prints.      

 The one thing I have noticed about a Border Collie is when they get muddy or dirty but when they completely dry off, they are as clean as if they have had a bath.  Many times in the past I have put them up in their dry warm kennel when they are grubby and the next morning, they are clean.  I’ve also had others tell me the same thing.  Something about their fur and it’s amazing and I’m glad.

Weather can be interesting this time of year and even more so when there are so many changes during a 24 hour period and if you don’t like the current conditions as we all know, it will change soon.  Give your wet and muddy dog a hug today…  Ken
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