Happy New Year...

This has been a whirlwind time of year at the farm with a few guests and the activities around the holidays.  As we settle into the New Year, a lot of things happened in 2015, some good and some bad but we grow from both sets of circumstances and we are who we are today because of our past.  The dogs had a good year, seems like we had a few more bangs and bruises and one major problem than years past but all in all we are pretty healthy. 
A new year always brings new beginnings, I hate resolutions for a New Year because I usually don’t keep them and get depressed afterwards but the dogs have a few that they wanted to mention to me and I will respond…

In order of their arrival here at the farm,

Molly Mae said, ”I would like to have some couch time with you because you are the first person I ever saw.  I know I’m getting slow and can hardly jump on the couch but I do try and you always help me, you are my heart person”   “Molly” I said, “we’re all getting old and I will always help you.  My job to take of you and the others, but you are my Heart dog”

Clancy,  “I would like to always be in charge because that’s who I am.  You can be first, but can I always be second?”   “Yes Clancy” I said,  You will always be first as long as you are here and if something happens to me, I know you will take care of things.”  And I know he would do a great job.

Dutchess,  “I want more food… no-no-no, I want more Frisbee's, that’s it, more Frisbee's, nothing else just that.  Can you get me a fork that I can hold with my paw, no, no make it a spoon, it will hold more.”  “Dutchess” I said, “I’m sorry, you’re not getting your resolutions because we have hundreds of tennis balls and dozens of Frisbee's and don’t think about a spoon or fork.  You’re on a diet now and you don’t know it.”  “I thought my food tasted a little different, Hmmm” she said.

Meggie,  “I would like to have more sunny days.  I hate all the rain we’ve had, it makes us dirty and cold.  More sun is what I want."  “Meggie” I said, “I couldn’t agree more.  I get blue with the rain and I hate it as much as you do about getting dirty and wet more than you know and maybe it will get better soon.”

Abbie,  “I want to feel better and get rid of this stupid cone so I can run through the woods without hitting a branch and I want to lay on the couch and lick your hand.”  “Abbie” I said “I also agree, I want you to have the best time ever and if you remember, last night I stuck my head inside your cone so you could lick my face, someday it will be gone,"  hopefully someday  I thought.

Annie,  “I want to run and run and run, and have the zoomies throughout the house.  I also want everyone to let me kiss and lick their face. because that's how I say hello.”   “Annie” I said, you do run and run and run and also have the zoomies throughout the house.  As far as you licking and kissing everyone’s face, just watch it and back off when they tell you to stop”

Gabby,  “I want more lap time too, it seems like I get the short end of the stick because I so little and don’t make a fuss except when I stand in front of you while you're walking to get my butt scratched."   "I always stop when you get in-front of you and do scratch your butt and let's try on the lap time."  I said.

Shepp, “I want to play more.  I know I have worn some of my teeth down because of playing tennis balls but can you get me some rubber ones?  "This should not be a problem, I'll stop tomorrow"  I said.

Doc,  “I want to come inside more.  I know I guard the house at night but I love to lay on the couch too.  Can we make this work?  "Doc" I said, we can also make this work.  Just don't climb on top of me when you get close and if you lay real still, I will scratch your head."

Dahlia,  “I want a buddy to play with.”  “What” I said, there are nine other dogs here.”  I said.  “But I am the biggest and too large to play with the little ones” but as she looks at Clancy, she then says “I’m bigger than most, not everyone” as Clancy sits back down and unpins his ears as if saying he is the biggest and top dog.

As I sit thinking about their New Year resolutions, not everything seems impossible.  It’s easy to get a rubber ball for Shepp, more lap time for Molly and Gabby and Doc can come inside more and maybe become an inside dog too, something we’re working at.   Clancy can always be in charge but I will not get a spoon for Dutchess nor a playmate for Dahlia.  Annie and Meggie can hopefully play and run in sunny weather but Abbie, you’re a tough one.   While I do take your cone off when we play, I do need to keep it on when we’re in the house.  I don’t know if you know it, I doing everything in my power to save your life, everything…

That’s the part our dogs don’t always understand, it’s our job to make life better for them and no matter how hard we try, hurt feelings can make you uncomfortable but its best at times.  While I do hate resolutions, this year I will do everything I can to make it all possible even if I need to stick my head in Abbie's cone so she can kiss me.   Hug your dog today...  Ken
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