Do They Love Us?

Dogs have interacted with humans for thousands of years and in that time, people have learned that dogs have a special way of communicating with them that is unique to dogs. In recent years, there are an increasing number of studies examining the way dogs think and how they communicate and interact with humans.
They are also revealing ways that the bond between dogs and humans has created many ways in which dogs express how much they love their family.

1. When a dog stares at you, it means they love you.  Meggie will sit on the couch with me and she will always stare at me, not wanting anything just staring.  Some people say they are hugging you with their eyes.  One thing I learned, when we did agility with her, it was important to make eye contact and since then, she will always watch me.  Abbie will also stare at me and as I we sleep, she will put her nose right to mine on the pillow, watching and watching.

2. Bringing you a toy means more than just wanting to play. They want to share something they value with you.  While this may be true, usually mine will bring me a toy to play.  Dutchess will set at my feet and if I don’t pick it in a hurry or step away, she will reposition it several times right in front of me.

3. When a dog wants to sleep with you rather than alone, it means you are family to him.  They all want to sleep with us… I guess we’re family…

4. When a dog can’t wait to see you walk through the door, and smothers you with attention, it means he really misses you.  This is also true except Dutchess and I think she wants food or to play.

 5. If you catch your dog looking at you quietly before you leave them alone, it’s because they are relaxed and trust you to return.  Usually, if a dog panics when you leave its separation anxiety, something heartbreaking for dog owners, who often read it as meaning their dog loves you. Of course he does, but this form of anxiety can lead to destructive behavior in the home.

6. Dogs use their eyes and their body language to tell you if they trust you and tell you what they are feeling.  I love to watch their ears, sometimes it’s so comical and the movements they make so quickly.

7. If your dog is cuddly after a meal it’s not just because you fed them, it’s because you are their best friend.

8. A dog leaning or pressing against you is their version of a hug or a “hello”.  A dog will also lean on you sometimes when he’s anxious or afraid because he knows you will keep him safe and protect him.  I remember Roxie, she was the best at leaning into you.  If you stood still, she would walk up to you and push her head into you, it was heaven.

Roxie... Loved her, Great dog...  RIP
9. If your dog yawns…it could be a sign of submission…or that they feel safe and secure… Depends on the situation.
Ever notice how yawning is contagious between people? Well, it can happen between dogs and people too. A study found that when dogs mimic people’s yawns it is because the dog is bonded with that person. This usually happens in a relaxed situation. It should be noted that dogs yawning could also mean they’re anxious or upset, if they are in a stressful situation.

10. If dog sits on your feet, they’re being protective of you and it’s a little bit like he’s marking you. Jennifer Brent, from the non-profit animal welfare advocacy group Found Animals told Woman’s Day, “It’s not just that he wants to be close to you, he’s saying, ‘This is mine; now it smells like me, don’t go near it.’ He does this for three main reasons: to feel secure about his place in your life, to warn other dogs that you are spoken for and because he wants to protect you.”

11. Your dog will want to comfort you when you are upset.  Dogs are sensitive to our moods. A study revealed dogs truly do respond to human tears and will respond to our tears and will naturally try and reassure us if we are distressed. They may get close to you, put a paw on you or try to nuzzle you when you are upset.  I’ve seen this many times, they have a way of knowing us and attempting to comfort us.  Many times one of my dogs will lay next to me and stroke me with their paw…  They are quite remarkable…  Ken

Are there signs your dog’s makes that tell you that they love you?

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